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Microsoft Azure (HLDS1 CS1.6)

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Old 07-27-2022 , 16:55   Microsoft Azure (HLDS1 CS1.6)
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Hello Everyone,

I have credits on Microsoft Azure and I hosted a VM of Windows Server 2019


Bandwidth: 1400 Mbps
Processor: Xeon Platinum 2.6 GHz (2 cores)
IOPS: 6400

I used the steamcmd to download the server and set sys_ticrate 1000 but it's still getting me ~500 FPS on the server.

When I was testing on Windows server 2012 R2, using an installation of HiResTimer.zip (attached) setup which creates a service, it boosted my server FPS to 500 compared to ~70ish but in Windows Server 2019, enabling or disabling it doesn't make a difference. They FPS stay ~500.

I have a few questions regarding the above scenario.

1. I read up quite a few posts and they are directing me to use Windows Server 2008 R2 with HPET enabled (Does Microsoft Azure even have this? I believe it's enabled by BIOS). Wouldn't a newer version of Windows Server be better? It has to be Windows Server (any flavour).

2. I tried using mmtimer.dll with mm_insane 0. Changing sys_ticrate to 1000 generates around 600 FPS and sys_ticrate to 10,000 it generates anywhere from 900 to 1010. It doesn't impact processor utilization. If I use mm_insane 1, it shoots the processor utilization to 40% but gives 4000 to 6000 FPS. Quite a few have discouraged the user of mmtimer though hence the dilemma, what is the most optimum option seeing that Windows Media Player is not there and macromedia flash is no longer used in favor of HTML5.

(Is there going to be much of a change from 500 FPS to 1000 FPS? The ping still remains the same for users.

3. Is there any difference running the server in -console or the GUI version is good enough as well? I have users complaining about shot registration in GUI but not in -console.

4. The server and client (I asked them to do this) rates I have set are as follows, do they need to change?

Server Rates:

sys_ticrate 1000
sv_maxrate 100000
sv_minrate 60000
sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_minupdaterate 50

Client Rates:

rate 100000
fps_max 99.5 (0.5 automatically added as per net_graph 3) thus making it 100
cl_cmdrate 105 (read that it should be fps+5)
cl_updaterate 100
ex_interp 0 (automatically sets it to 0.01)
6. I have run multiple instances of HLDS (same file executed or different folders of game installations) and single instance of HLDS only. The users complain about laggy response after a day or 2 of continuous running and I have to restart it after which everything works fine.

7. I tried ReHLDS however it doesn't work on Windows Server 2019 but does on Windows 7 test machine and they have removed a windows server since (release 23 Jun 2021). Assuming the server version from steamcmd is August 3, 2020 (8684), do you think the windows version of ReHLDS present in (release 22 Jun 2021) should be ok?

8. Is using ReHLDS even a good option? I saw some great anti cheating plugins like whblocker, rechecker, reaim etc. that would probably be good for the server

I am sorry for the long post. I have learnt a lot from you guys however, I am stumped in these aspects.

Any assistance, guidance, suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance for your time.



AMXX Version 1.8.2 (Windows)
AMXX Counter-Strike Mod Addon (1.8.2 Windows)

Custom Plugins:

Auto Round Restart (autorr.amxx)
Auto Team Switcher (autoteamswitch.amxx)
Play or Be Kicked: (pbk.amxx)
C4Timer (c4timer.amxx)
Attached Files
File Type: zip HiResTimer.zip (372.6 KB, 16 views)

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Old 07-29-2022 , 05:41   Re: Microsoft Azure (HLDS1 CS1.6)
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Windows is generally not the best operating system that supports anything over 1000 fps unless you use mmtimer which can cause the server to be unstable. Regardless of the timer the servers FPS would probably drop significantly depending on the server load...max players...cpu intensive plugins. If you want the highest and most consistent fps you would need to install linux and use -pingboost along with tuned-adm. Tuned-adm essentially reduces the latency between your server process and the cpu allowing it to update faster. If you were to spam stats in the server console you'd notice the server fps refresh rate stay higher and more consistent.

Yes the GUI does cause lag compared to the console since it uses more resources although it shouldnt considering the amount of ram you have. HLDS be like that.

rehlds is a good substitute if you want to explore other useful plugins not available for the old HLDS. It is also purportedly more efficient with cpu usage. The difference between hlds and rehlds isn't that significant ( for my purposes ) which is why i reverted back to the old one recently since i did not have any use for their plugins. Also rehlds may not support some metamod plugins. As for the version of windows server i was using with rehlds was windows server 2019. I compiled rehlds on windows 11.

for managing hlds on windows try this program : https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=147880

switch to headless linux for the best fps/performance solution
windows: yuck! although the specs you gave should run a somewhat decent cs 1.6 pug server with the mmtimer. Just dont expect perfection at over 15-20 players running a bazillion plugins.

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