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[ANY] SteamID Player

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    Check SteamID of player.
    Old 04-13-2015 , 13:50   [ANY] SteamID Player
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    SteamID Player


    This is a simple plugin , players can check SteamID of other player.
    player can check SteamID with the command : !steamid or /steamid.



    Drop steamid.smx in addons/sourcemod/plugins/


    Version 1.0 -Public release

    Todo list:

    All Done.
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (SteamID.sp - 784 views - 2.3 KB)
    File Type: smx SteamID.smx (4.1 KB, 202 views)
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    Old 04-13-2015 , 14:36   Re: [ANY] SteamID Player
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    type status in console...
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    Old 04-13-2015 , 16:03   Re: [ANY] SteamID Player
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    What are the unneeded includes for?
    The clientID (your wrongly called userID) can be 0.
    GetClientAuthString is failable.
    Use the defines instead of their current values.
    You can use the %N format specifier.
    You print the result to everyone.
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    Old 04-13-2015 , 17:00   Re: [ANY] SteamID Player
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    There is already one that works great...
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    Old 04-13-2015 , 17:53   Re: [ANY] SteamID Player
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    Old 04-14-2015 , 12:59   Re: [ANY] SteamID Player
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    Maybe look to see if it already exists first?
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    Old 04-14-2015 , 22:13   Re: [ANY] SteamID Player
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    Too much effort. Searching (and reading) apparently takes too long.
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