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[request]Hero :Merlin

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Old 06-25-2019 , 06:54   [request]Hero :Merlin
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sh_set_hero_info "druid king" "Monster summon and Renewal of armor per second"

summon headcrab and zombie through monster module ( +power% )
armor renewal every 5 seconds
new maxsummonlimit = register_cvar("merlin_maxsummon", "5")
new delayskills = register_cvar("merlin_delay", "25")

Did you understand me?
have a nice day
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Old 07-24-2019 , 17:21   Re: [request]Hero :Merlin
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you can achieve this without writing too much code;
by ripping code from other existing heroes and cobbling them together.

there are other heroes that spawn creatures, notably skeletor. also, naruto spawns a player clone somehow that actively shoots, might be worth checking out.
many heroes passively regain armor, so you should be able to rip that as well. i think dr. strange might have simple implementation. if not, i think goku does.

you would be making the hero activate on keydown, spawning the creatures at that time. instead of passively like the call made in skeletor.

you would set up delay and summonlimit, and other cvars to control the hero my granularly.

good luck! it will take some coding chops to put this together.


i had a longstanding issue with monstermod that i finally just resolved, that now allows skeletor to work on my server. i forgot it was never even working in the first place!

Thank you for playing.
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