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Solved [HELP][CS:S] Fast download server

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Old 09-20-2021 , 17:43   Re: [HELP][CS:S] Fast download server
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Originally Posted by Austin View Post
For CSS is your fast DL server working with bz2 files over 50MB zipped size?
Or are you saying bsp files over 50MB are working?

There seems to be no problem with size+uncompressed files,
but I may be fabricating a memory with CSS+>50MB+bz2 not working…
Unless something has hanged very recently, they should.

CS:S does not have any limit, and you can just .bz2 everything, if you prefer.

CS:GO however made the limit of 150 MB several years ago, the 150 MB is the original map file size.

E.g. in \Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps\, I have the following examples:

surf_happyhands_test.bsp - 141 MB (147.988.480 byte)
surf_kz_mix_journeys.bsp - 119 MB (125.259.776 byte)

Since the original .BSP's here are below 150 MB, go ahead and .bz2 them, and save some bandwidth, if you like.

However, I do also have:

de_mocha.bsp - 729 MB (765.059.072 byte)

Since the the original .BSP here, for de_mocha.bsp, is over 150 MB, you cannot bz2 compress this map.

That 150 MB limitation has so far only been specific to CS:GO.
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