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[CS:GO] Glow Menu (v2.0, 15/08/2018)

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Hallucinogenic Troll
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Counter-Strike: GO
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    A menu which players can change the glow to themselves.
    Old 05-01-2018 , 14:29   [CS:GO] Glow Menu (v2.0, 15/08/2018)
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    CS:GO Glow Menu

    A request made in this post - https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=306534
    A menu which players can enable Glow to themselves.
    The colors that are shown on the menu can be changed in a config file.
    Also, the glow can be restricted to a certain flag and has 4 different styles to use.
    Some screenshots are in the github (link below), soon will be added in this post.

    • sm_glowmenu_style (1 by Default) - It changes the Glow Style to the players (Min 0, Max 3). WARNING: If you set the style to 0, the glow can be seen through walls;
    • sm_glowmenu_prefix ([Glow Menu] by Default) - Chat's Prefix;
    • sm_glowmenu_flag (Empty by Default) - Restrict the Glow to players with a certain flag.

    Add this to your databases.cfg in addons/sourcemod/configs and change it as you need.
      "driver"    "mysql"
      "host"      "YOUR_HOST_ADDRESS"
      "database"  "YOUR_DATABASE_NAME"
      "user"      "DATABASE_USERNAME"
      "pass"      "USERNAME_PASSWORD"
    1. Setup the MySQL database (read above);
    2. Drag the file named glow_menu.ini to addons/sourcemod/configs.
    3. Drag the file named glow_menu.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins.
    4. Drag the file named glow_menu.phrases.txt to addons/sourcemod/translations.
    5. Drag the file named glow_menu.cfg to cfg/sourcemod.
    6. Restart the Server.
    7. Change the ConVars as you wish in the file glow_menu.cfg located in cfg/sourcemod

    1. (To Show the Glow to everyone): Set your server with the sv_force_transmit_players ConVar to 1
    2. (To Compile): ColorVariables - https://github.com/PremyslTalich/ColorVariables


    Q: This plugin can lag my servers massively?
    R: That depends where your server is hosted from, or if it has many users with glow enabled.
    With Version 2.0, all the new users are set without glow, by default, so they need to change with the sm_glow command.
    Another option is to set sm_glowmenu_flag to any flag, just to restrict the maximum numbers possible.

    Q: The Glow can be seen through walls?
    R: As I said above, if you set the cvar sm_glowcolor_style to 0, everyone can see the glow through walls. However, no matter which style you choose, the glow can be seen through smokes. If I find a solution for this, I'll update the plugin ASAP.

    Many thanks to:
    • 1.0 - Plugin Release

    • 2.0Beta

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    Old 05-01-2018 , 14:51   Re: [CS:GO] Glow Menu (v1.0, 1/05/2018)
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    Good job!
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    Old 05-02-2018 , 19:01   Re: [CS:GO] Glow Menu (v1.0, 1/05/2018)
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    The plugin is very good it needs some improvements and bug fixes.

    I already told you on steam and I'm waiting for the update.

    The following ideas are here to be discussed or improved
    • Save the player config by SQLITE.
    • Limit the color change per round (wait to start the next round for the color change to happen)
    • Cvar to leave a default color for each team.
    • Flag for certain colors (without flag - ct blue and tr red | with flag - can choose any color)

    thats all nice job
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    Old 05-03-2018 , 02:19   Re: [CS:GO] Glow Menu (v1.0, 1/05/2018)
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    Nice, I've made something similar to simulate the old cs 1.6 glow effect for Nemesis in zombie plague, but i was really lazy to take the code out from mitchell's module, so i still have that dependency on my plugin.
    Glad someone cared about this, its a really nice feature!
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    Old 07-11-2018 , 17:11   Re: [CS:GO] Glow Menu (v1.0, 1/05/2018)
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    Not work all colors...just 1 ..white
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    Old 08-12-2018 , 13:22   Re: [CS:GO] Glow Menu (v1.0, 1/05/2018)
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    This looks cool, but is it possible to make it work with SQL so it can be saved across multiple servers?
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    Old 08-15-2018 , 04:46   Re: [CS:GO] Glow Menu (v1.0, 1/05/2018)
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    Does not work glow off
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    Old 08-15-2018 , 05:30   Re: [CS:GO] Glow Menu (v1.0, 1/05/2018)
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    Each time you log in to the server, you need to set the color of the glow again
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    Hallucinogenic Troll
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    Old 08-15-2018 , 13:57   Re: [CS:GO] Glow Menu (v2.0, 15/08/2018)
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    Well, finally I had time to do this, soooo


    May have some bugs in this version.
    • Rewrite the code (almost from scratch);
    • Added MySQL Support! Add this in your databases.cfg located in addons/sourcemod/configs
        "driver"    "mysql"
        "host"      "YOUR_HOST_ADDRESS"
        "database"  "YOUR_DATABASE_NAME"
        "user"      "DATABASE_USERNAME"
        "pass"      "USERNAME_PASSWORD"
    • Added a new CVAR: sm_glowmenu_prefix, to set your Chat's prefix.
    • Changed all the CVAR and Files, to be almost the same (instead of some being "glowcolor" and "glow_menu", etc);
    • Now all the players will have No Glow by default (if they didn't change the value in the database);
    • Removed the Default CVAR for now, will be added in the next version.

      If someone could test it please, but in theory, its working (I've tested only with BOTs);
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    Old 08-16-2018 , 04:17   Re: [CS:GO] Glow Menu (v2.0, 15/08/2018)
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    L 08/16/2018 - 10:424: [SM] Exception reported: Entity 600 (600) is invalid
    L 08/16/2018 - 10:424: [SM] Blaming: glow_menu.smx
    L 08/16/2018 - 10:424: [SM] Call stack trace:
    L 08/16/2018 - 10:424: [SM] [0] SetEntData
    L 08/16/2018 - 10:424: [SM] [1] Line 360, C:\Backup\CS_Files\Compiler\glow_menu.sp::Set upGlow
    L 08/16/2018 - 10:424: [SM] [2] Line 326, C:\Backup\CS_Files\Compiler\glow_menu.sp::Cre ateGlow
    L 08/16/2018 - 10:424: [SM] [3] Line 301, C:\Backup\CS_Files\Compiler\glow_menu.sp::Eve nt_PlayerSpawn
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