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[ANY] SteamID protect with MySQL , md5() and Web-Interface

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    Old 07-29-2012 , 15:12   [ANY] SteamID protect with MySQL , md5() and Web-Interface
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    SteamID Protect System
    This plugin really deserves to be called "System"

    This plugin was rewritten for my v34 server and I decided to release it for public access.
    I will provide access to "sp" file only for respectable persons, such as good developers, moderators, etc due to security reasons.

    • Securing SteamID with password
    • Web interface with password recovery and registration options
    • MD5 hashing, since all confedential information should not be stored "as is"
    • MySQL injection security. Original version doesn't have this feature
    • Easy configuration file in Web-interface
    • Ability to make you own translation files

    Using tutorial:
    1. Open up your chat and write /secure "password" "secretphrase"
    2. Open up your console and type xbox_autothrottle "password" into it. If you are not sure that config.cfg was rewritten with new settings - add this string manually.
    3. Enjoy!

    Cvars (actually, there's only one Cvar ):
    // Link to web interface
    // -
    // Default: "http://yoursite.net/"
    sm_sprotect_site "http://yoursite.net/"
    Web Demo could be found here (it would be in English for couple days)

    Known bugs:
    Web: Showing fake error on register action
    Game: none

    • Make admin panel for web interface (coming soon)
    • Make kind of tabulation in index.php source for better reading
    • Integrate translations into server plugin
    • Prevent web script execution on page refresh (need some help here, any ideas?)
    • Go into release version

    Special thanks:
    Shamilik for his help with md5 and mysql security in server-side script. He's awesome coder, ya know!

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    Jim E. Rustler
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    Old 07-29-2012 , 15:20   Re: [ANY] SteamID protect with MySQL , md5() and Web-Interface
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    Originally Posted by igodsewer View Post

    >Something to do with passwords
    >Author is Russian
    >Author not providing sourcecode

    Seems legit.

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    Old 07-29-2012 , 15:24   Re: [ANY] SteamID protect with MySQL , md5() and Web-Interface
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    http://pastebin.com/vGn1cBwb is a decompile of the binary he provided without source.

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    Old 07-29-2012 , 19:04   Re: [ANY] SteamID protect with MySQL , md5() and Web-Interface
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    Plus supporting no-steam servers, another suspect thing to add to the list
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