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[ANY] Poof

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    Make yourself invisible!
    Old 06-29-2011 , 20:16   [ANY] Poof
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    • Title: Poof
    • Description
    This is my first plugin. Originally made for left 4 dead 2 it may be used on any game. Features:
    - Makes a player fully invisible
    - Hides player's nickaname on top of his head
    - All the attached models dissapear (In left 4 dead 2 even the light attached to survivors body dissapears)
    - It dhould work on any gamemode, though maybe I will add left4dead-only features soon
    • Commands
    - sm_poof
    - poof
    (for yourself only)
    - sm_poof <userid/name>
    - poof <userid/name>
    (For targeting someone else)
    - !poof in chat works too

    • Dependencies
    • Changelog
    30.06.2011 (1.0)
    - Plugin realease
    30.06.2011 (1.01)
    -Removed player renaming. Currently I didnt find any otption of making your nickanme invisible except doing it manually in steam settings. Change your nickname in stem to:
    "~" at the beginning, maximum ammount of spaces possible in the middle and "." at the end

    -Fixed multiplayer support. It is now safe to use poof for more than 1 person

    - Nearly all my code wasnt needed xD. Thank silvers, code is now clean and nickname is hidden. Though Ive got a lot of experience writing this first plugin.

    - Sorry! Forgot about checking for poof state enabled per client. Fixed now

    - Multitargeting
    - Cleaned and commented all the code

    - Fixed a bug where player wasnt able to go back from invisibility state if he was not using any arguments

    -Removed usseless log (In poofcheck=0 state)

    - No more Warnings in compilation
    - Made IsValidClient function look prettier
    • Installation Instructions
    - Install SDKhooks
    - Place poof.smx at your plugins folder
    • Plans
    //Add a possibility to hide all the clients from one client
    (Maybe later...)
    - Special thanks to MatthiasVance and some other guys from IRC channel!
    If not you, my first plugin would never be released!
    - Thank you Silvers for your code!
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    I am Russian so DONT look at my english

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