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No Death Frags (works for all games)

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    A players won't get -1 kill/frag on scoreboard when he dies, the deaths aren't effected
    Old 07-14-2010 , 13:43   No Death Frags (works for all games)
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    /* No Death Frags
    * Description:
    * A players won't get -1 kill/frag on scoreboard when he dies, the deaths aren't effected
    * Installation:
    * Just put the .smx into your plugins folder of sourcemod.
    * Reload the map.
    * Edit the auto created config 'plugin.nodeathfrags.cfg' in "<moddir>/cfg/sourcemod/".
    * Configuration:
    * The sm_nodeathfrags_enable is the main on off switch set it to 1 the plugin is on, set it to 0 the plugin is always off.
    * If sm_nodeathfrags_deathrun is 1 then this plugin will activate only on deathrun maps. If its value is 2 then its only on deathrun maps disabled. 0 means its always on.
    * Changelog:
    * v1.1.4
    * This version was a revamped verison modified by Minimoney1
    * The plugin functions the same, but BOT support has been added and the code has been cleaned up
    * v1.1.3
    * Added check that if you got killed by an other player you won't get +1 kill/frag
    * v1.1.1
    * Corrected description of cvar sm_nodeathfrags_deathrun
    * Added sm_nodeathfrags_deathrun option 2.
    * v1.0.0
    * Public release.
    * Thank you Minimoney1 for the update to v1.1.4
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