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Anyone create plugin for mr

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Akash Thakur
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Old 04-14-2019 , 12:31   Anyone create plugin for mr
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I would like a plugin (I hope it is simple) of anti-fury weapons menu ... I would like to be like this:
First menu is {
1. New Weapons
2. Previous Weapons
3. 2+Dont show this menu again
Secend Menu is (if chooses New weapons){
Weapons Details:-
----> 1. OICW
----> 2.Janus7
----> 3.Salamander
----> 4. AT4
----> 5. Ethereal
----> 0. Back
----> 1.Quad Barrel
----> 2.Quad BarrelMP7A1
----> 3.K1ases
----> 4. F2000
----> 0 Back
3.Normal Weapons
----> 1.HK416
---- > 2.Ak47Knife
----> 3.M134
----> 4.Thompson
----> 5. Dual Barrel
----> 6. M1887
----> 0.Back
Secondary Weapons[
----> 1. Janus1(Only for GOLD VIP)
---->2. M79(ONLY FOR VIP)
---->3. DualDeagle
----> 4. Infinity
----> 5. Skull1
And when a normal player chooses GOLD VIP OR SIMPLE VIP it will show a message that "This item is only for VIP."
I hope anyone can create this plugin for me!!
Thanks in Advance !!!!
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Old 04-14-2019 , 12:40   Re: Anyone create plugin for mr
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Learn to post in the correct section of the forum!
The general section is only for amxx and it's OWN base plugins!
You have to post in the REQUEST section if you are requesting a plugin!

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