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Solved HLDS times out after refreshing to many times

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Old 05-20-2022 , 05:54   HLDS times out after refreshing to many times
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My server appears to be timing out periodically and disappearing from the public server browser list. Server has established connection to steam servers. Server will timeout after refreshing via the server status window (where you can select join and see your ping). The maximum amount of times you can hit refresh is about 5 or 7 times and then the servers public ip times out ( lan ip is still working). It takes about 10 minutes for the server to pop up on the public servers list again. This problem started to occur after my ISP changed my ip due to what i presume was a DDOS attack. Is there a way i can refresh my server status an unlimited amount of times like other servers on the server list?

ports are forwarded correctly to my ipv4 internal lan ip
Recently had an IP change from my isp after weird ddos
problem occurred after IP change
tried : max_queries_sec 16 ( pretty sure htis will work after i figure out why my server keeps timing out on the server list )
max_queries_sec_global 64
max_queries_window 256

Tried different ports like 27016 and even 27185
Disabled windows firewall
would try DMZ but my router is weird nonetheless everything was working dandy before my isp intervened. Possible ddos mitigation / block from their send?

problem solved : I was having this problem on windows. Set router for Passthrough, DHCPS fixed. I had no idea DMZ was called ip passthrough lol. So why was the server still functional even though pass through was off? I still managed to have those ports forwarded and my internal ip didnt change or anything. note: this was the error that displayed in the server console after a few hours of the server being up : CreateBoundSocket: ::bind returned error [no name available](10049)

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