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Gun Xp Mod (Last Updated : 10-02-2011)

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   Gameplay        Approver:   Hawk552 (427)
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Old 04-10-2009 , 11:48   Gun Xp Mod (Last Updated : 10-02-2011)
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<--thanks fang

Buyzone is restricted and you must kill enemy to get experience,if you have needed amount of experience, then you gain a Level.By the Level you gain more new guns and you can pick up that gun ,what is your Level of gun.This is not gungame!

gxm_enable "1" - Enable = 1,Disable = 0.
gxm_savetype "1" - Save Xp to : 1 = MySQL, 0 = NVault.
gxm_save "1" - Save Xp by : 2 = Name, 1 = SteamID, 0 = IP.
gxm_level_text "0" - Show your level by : 1 = HUD message, 0 = Simple colored text message.
gxm_xp "15" - How much experience gain, when you killed enemy.
gxm_level_style "1" - You will gain each level new gun : 1 = Yes, 0 = No,select your gun by menu.

gxm_triple "1" - Enable Triple Kill bonus xp? 1 = Yes, 0 = No.
gxm_triple_xp "3" - How much bonus xp give for Triple Kill?
gxm_triple_kills "3" - How much kills needed to give bonus xp?
gxm_ultra "1" - Enable Ultra Kill bonus xp? 1 = Yes, 0 = No.
gxm_ultra_kills "6" - How much kills needed to give bonus xp?
gxm_admin_xp "1" - Enable Extra xp for killing? 1 = Yes, 0 = No.
gxm_extra_xp "4" - How much extra xp give to admins?

gxm_show_rank "1" - Shows rank in /top20? 1 = Yes, 0 = No.

SQL cvars:
gxm_host "" - The host from the db.
gxm_user "root" - The username from the db login.
gxm_pass "" - The password from the db login.
gxm_dbname "gunxpmod" - The database name.

Type in chat: /menu or menu to show Main Menu of Mod!
Type in chat: /level ,to see your information, gxm_level_text then must be set to 0.Also /top20 to see top20 players of experience.
Type in chat: /ul,ul,/unlocks to unlock upgrade for your weapon or buy other misc stuff!
Type in console : set_level your_name amount_of_level. Example : set_level xbatista 10, to set your's/target's level .

If you are running other mods, then find this lines(in gunxpmod.cfg ( scripting folder )) and edit :
PHP Code:
//#define NORMAL_MOD - Normal mod,means simple cs style without other mods.
//#define ZOMBIE_SWARM - Uncomment it if you are using Zombie Swarm and comment other.
#define ZOMBIE_INFECTION - Uncomment it if you are using Zombie Infection style mods and comment other. 
Uncommented style mod can be only one.

By the way, if
PHP Code:
is included ,then don't forget to comment-uncomment this lines :
PHP Code:
//#define ZOMBIE_PLAGUE 
You can also edit item (unlock_*.sma) name and description and change cost to whatever you want.
Example, find this line and edit :
PHP Code:
register_gxm_item("Grenades Pack""Gives an extra grenades"90)
//Item name     //Item Description    //Item cost 

-.ML File.-

/g - means green text. | \d - means grey text(in menu).
/ctr - means CT/T text team color. | \y - means yellow text(in menu).
/y - default orange text. | \r - means red text(in menu). \w - means white text(in menu).

Languages translated :

-.To Do.-

Suggest ;) .
More items.

2.3 Fixed issue where players sometimes can get higher level while connected also fixed the HUD task where sometimes it can overflow your screen.
2.2 Optimized a bit code for gunxpmod.sma and added new var for saving data by name, gxm_save "2" .
2.1 Fixed Hud show level being called multiple times, fixed menu bug not appearing when user cured in ZombiePlague.
2.0 Menus changed! now you can pick Primary and Secondary weapons!, fixed zombie swarm weapon giving bug, gunxpmod_shop items code are fixed.
1.9 Added gunxpmod.cfg in /configs and /scripting folders, code optimized.
1.8 Fixed ultra,triple Xp gaining bug, fixed zombie plague menu bug ,when zombie can pick weapon from menu.Added SQL support.Added grenades table where you can set grenades on what level you want(see gunxpmod.sma).
P.S. Don't forget to re-check cvars!
1.7 Fixed avarage Xp bug ,when killing enemy. More customizable for 'Biohazard' and 'Zombie Plague Mod' !!!
1.6 15%less CPU usage, Fixed some bugs with menu and other misc stuff..., Fixed giving level to players, cuz in 1.5 version - all players can give themself level , New NVault system which eats less CPU usage!
1.5 Fixed again some menu bugs, added in Level Menu you can now select your last selected gun, addded /menu!
1.4 Fixed menu bugs, added : if you bought item,you can't buy it again, code optimized.
1.3 Fixed buyzone, in NORMAL_MOD buyzone restricted, Added top20!!!
1.2 Added BIG UPDATE! Now you can upgrade your weapon to better by typing /ul or buy other misc stuff, added extra bonus reward for triple kill,ultra kill.Added admin bonus xp for killing someone.
And you can now choose weapon what you like from menu! Or disable menu system.
1.1 Plugin fixed,thanks to Nextra,added cvar to how to show your level,by HUD or by simple colored text message.
1.0 Initial release.
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