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CS:GO DM update and news

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Old 07-22-2012 , 15:21   CS:GO DM update and news
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Here's a bit of news on the project and what to expect from now on.

As of a few weeks ago BAILOPAN has granted me access to the cssdm project and I will be trying to maintain it as much as I can. I have fixed a few issues in the snapshots (note this is based on the latest snapshot) as listed below.

-Fixed ammo not being given on auto reload(Credits to Peace-Maker)
-Fixed getting guns while dead(Credits to Bailopan)
-Removed deprecated GetEntDataEnt(Credits to psychonic)
-Remove use of deprecated code and remove the need for cbase.h and baseentity.h
-Fixed ragdolls not getting removed(this has been in the snapshots for a while but will note it here)
-Updated gamedata for latest updates
-Added CS:GO support
-Added CS:S engine support

Snapshots with CS:GO support and the above fixes are cssdm-2.1.6-hg106 and up.
Snapshot Link: http://www.bailopan.net/cssdm/snapshots/2.1/?C=M;O=D
Information for SM 1.7/1.6

Some things to note, I had to make a few changes to how spawns were saved and where they were saved to support both CS:S and CS:GO.

Spawns were previously saved in cfg/cssdm/spawns

From this snapshot (and a few older ones) it will now be saved in cfg/cssdm/spawns/MOD. MOD being csgo or cstrike depending on the game. This allows support for both games with one release. If you update your CS:S server with this snapshot newer please remember to move your spawns into the spawns/cstrike folder.

The binary has now also changed to support both engines. Previously the extension was named cssdm.ext.dll/so/dylib now there will be 2 extensions


If you are upgrading your CS:S server feel free to delete the older cssdm.ext.dll/so/dylib now.

Thanks to TnTSCS there is CS:GO spawns already included. If you have spawns that you would like see added let me know. By posting them here or posting a bug in the cssdm section of the bug tracker.

The gamedata has also been added to the autoupdater. This will hopefully reduce issues when updates are released.

Please file any bugs you encounter here: https://bugs.alliedmods.net/

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