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[ANY] Simple Update Notifier

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Old 01-25-2021 , 22:46   Re: [ANY] Simple Update Notifier
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Originally Posted by Bara View Post
Plugin has been updated and it check now the PatchVersion instead of ServerVersion. I also added 2 new convars to configurable when the server can be restart.

, I updated it too.
Thank you! I will give this a shot and will let you know how it goes

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Old 01-25-2021 , 23:19   Re: [ANY] Simple Update Notifier
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So I tested it on my server and I'm not sure if I got it working properly. I set sun_restart to 1 in the config after it generated it the first time the server started up with the plugin. I restarted the server to observe the behavior with the plugin loaded and config set. Unfortunately, server does not restart and update (or maybe it doesn't automatically update?). No players were on the server. Maybe I did something wrong here or maybe my expectations were wrong. I do realize that the name of the plugin is Simple Update Notifier so maybe the purpose of the plugin is just to notify but doesn't handle the updating?

Do you know if there is a way to have this plugin work with CSGO servers all automated? What I mean exactly is that I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to have the CSGO servers update automatically as my impression so far is that it seems to be only a manual process (I think I'm wrong here and I hope I am).

If there is no way to automatically update CSGO servers after restarting, I wonder if it would be possible to add functionality to the plugin where we can request to shut down the server instead of restarting? (At least that way, I can run an external script on the OS that can detect when the server is off and then start the update process and then start it back up).

Thank you in advance!

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Old 09-24-2021 , 15:57   Re: [ANY] Simple Update Notifier
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Plugin has been updated.
SteamWorks and DiscordAPI are no longer required and was replaced with RIPExt as required extension.
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