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AMXx 1.60 Scripting Changes

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Old 09-22-2005 , 04:42   Re: AMXx 1.60 Scripting Changes
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Originally Posted by BAILOPAN
Client CVAR Querying
PM OnoTo has added a client cvar querying system to AMX Mod X! This means plugins can now find out the exact values of a cvar on a client.
Wow, I didn't expect support for this so soon. This is absolutely excellent, thanks a lot for this.
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Old 09-24-2005 , 03:08  
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two of my old sql based plugins i use with amxx 1.01 dosent work anymore. 1st one dosent compile and the 2nd one compiles but dosent work. debug says "[AMXX] Plugin needs newer debug version info" verry helpful

so what exactly i have to change in the source for 1.6 to get the plugins to work again? i hope the awnser is simple to understand

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Old 10-17-2005 , 07:58  
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could someone kindly explain what

public native_filter(const name[], index, trap) {     if (!trap) return PLUGIN_HANDLED     return PLUGIN_CONTINUE }

is actually doing? thanks.
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Old 10-17-2005 , 08:47  
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i guess it blocks further operation if trap is false... (?)

Greetz MGee
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Old 10-17-2005 , 11:21  
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 * Sets a native filter.  This must be first set in plugin_natives(), but future calls will
 *  simply set a new filter.
 * This filter will allow your plugin to load even if its modules aren't loaded.  For example,
 *  if Fun isn't loaded and you use set_user_frags, your plugin will still load.  However, if you 
 *  attempt to call this native, your filter will intercept it with these parameters:
 * public function native_filter(const name[], index)
 *  native - name of native
 *  index - index of native
 *  trap - 0 if native couldn't be found, 1 if native use was attempted
 * If you return PLUGIN_HANDLED, no error is thrown.  If you return PLUGIN_CONTINUE, 
 *  your plugin will have a run-time-error.  To print your own error, or change the default,
 *  you can return PLUGIN_HANDLED or return PLUGIN_CONTINUE and use set_error_filter.
 * If you return PLUGIN_CONTINUE when trap is 0, the plugin will ABORT AND FAIL TO LOAD!
 * When trap is 0, it is unsafe to use natives that modify the server or use other plugins.
native set_native_filter(const handler[]);
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