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add access flags

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Old 06-01-2020 , 01:18   add access flags
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Hey does anyone know how to add flags for a plugin ,Basically someone needs a certin flag to use this command.

#include <amxmodx>
#include <amxmisc>
#include <cstrike>
#include <fun>

new const PLUGIN[] = "Reset Death"
new const VERSION[] = "0.1"
new const AUTHOR[] = "Mr Miss"

public plugin_init() {
register_plugin(PLUGIN, VERSION, AUTHOR)
register_clcmd("say /rs","cmd_rs");

public cmd_rs(id)
client_print_color(id,id,"^4|^3| ^4Reset Score ^3|^4| ^4YOUR DEATHS ^1HAVE BEEN SET TO ^4[0]");
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Old 06-01-2020 , 08:28   Re: add access flags
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Check if user has those 'certin' flags with get_user_flags
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Old 06-01-2020 , 09:15   Re: add access flags
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Add the flag as the third parameter in register_clcmd() and use cmd_access() in the callback function.
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Old 06-01-2020 , 21:34   Re: add access flags
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You can do something like this

PHP Code:
public cmd_rs(id)
    if (
has_flag(idt)) //you change your flag here, t for example
client_print_color(id,id,"^4|^3| ^4Reset Score ^3|^4| ^4YOUR DEATHS ^1HAVE BEEN SET TO ^4[0]");

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