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tfc_get_user_goalitem might be broken on Linux

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Old 04-25-2020 , 14:15   tfc_get_user_goalitem might be broken on Linux
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Since I updated the HLDS a few months ago, this plugin stopped working:


It looks like tfc_get_user_goalitem is always returning false, so I suspect that hamdata.ini needs updating.

Had this issue originally on v1.9, so upgraded to v1.10 and still happening.

How can I get an updated hamdata for TFC (Linux)?

Protocol version 48
Exe version (tfc)
Exe build: 15:16:04 Jul 24 2019 (8308)

meta version
Metamod v1.21p38 2018/02/11 (5:13)
by Will Day
Patch: Metamod-P (mm-p) v38
by Jussi Kivilinna
compiled: Feb 11 2018, 11:05:06 EET (optimized)

amxx version
AMX Mod X (http://www.amxmodx.org)
<TAB>David "BAILOPAN" Anderson, Pavol "PM OnoTo" Marko
<TAB>Felix "SniperBeamer" Geyer, Jonny "Got His Gun" Bergstrom
<TAB>Lukasz "SidLuke" Wlasinski, Christian "Basic-Master" Hammacher
<TAB>Borja "faluco" Ferrer, Scott "DS" Ehlert
Compiled: Mar 5 2020 05:52:37
Built from: https://github.com/alliedmodders/amxmodx/commit/6ef4077
Build ID: 5392:6ef4077
Core mode: JIT+ASM32

amxx plugins
Currently loaded plugins:
       name                    version     author            file             status   
 [  1] Advanced Bans           0.8.1       Exolent           advanced_bans.a  running  
 [  2] Admin Base      AMXX Dev Team     admin.amxx       running  
 [  3] Admin Commands  AMXX Dev Team     admincmd.amxx    running  
 [  4] Admin Help      AMXX Dev Team     adminhelp.amxx   running  
 [  5] Multi-Lingual System  AMXX Dev Team     multilingual.am  running  
 [  6] Menus Front-End  AMXX Dev Team     menufront.amxx   running  
 [  7] Commands Menu   AMXX Dev Team     cmdmenu.amxx     running  
 [  8] Players Menu            1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     plmenu_ab_tfc.a  running  
 [  9] Teleport Menu   AMXX Dev Team     telemenu.amxx    running  
 [ 10] Maps Menu       AMXX Dev Team     mapsmenu.amxx    running  
 [ 11] Plugin Menu     AMXX Dev Team     pluginmenu.amxx  running  
 [ 12] AMXX Gag                1.5.0       xPaw & Exolent    amx_gag.amxx     running  
 [ 13] Anti Flood      AMXX Dev Team     antiflood.amxx   running  
 [ 14] HLDS<->IRC              2.8         pizzahut          irc.amxx         running  
 [ 15] Admin Chat      AMXX Dev Team     adminchat.amxx   running  
 [ 16] Admin Votes             1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     adminvote_ab.am  running  
 [ 17] Enhanced Map Searching  1.6.2       EJL/JTP10181/piz  amx_ejl_searchm  running  
 [ 18] Announce vote           2.1         pizzahut          announce_vote.a  running  
 [ 19] DeagsMapManager         3.23r5m4    Deags/AMXX Commu  dmm-m4.amxx      running  
 [ 20] TimeLeft        AMXX Dev Team     timeleft.amxx    running  
 [ 21] Pause Plugins   AMXX Dev Team     pausecfg.amxx    running  
 [ 22] Stats Configuration  AMXX Dev Team     statscfg.amxx    running  
 [ 23] TFC Stats Logging  AMXX Dev Team     stats_logging.a  running  
 [ 24] AFK Spectate            2.1         Cheesy Peteza, p  afk_spec_2.amxx  running  
 [ 25] Block chop              1           pizzahut          block_chop.amxx  running  
 [ 26] Check class limits      1.2         pizzahut          check_class_lim  running  
 [ 27] GHW Connect Messages    2           GHW_Chronic,pizz  GHW_connect2.am  running  
 [ 28] middies                 2.0b        Seraphim          middies.amxx     running  
 [ 29] ChangeName              2           pizzahut          name2.amxx       running  
 [ 30] No Spy Crash            1.3.1       hlstriker,pizzah  nospycrash3.amx  running  
 [ 31] Remove AR               2           pizzahut          remove-ar.amxx   running  
 [ 32] Bot flag drop           2.1-debug   pizzahut          bot_flag_drop21  debug    
 [ 33] User bot control        11          pizzahut          user_bot_contro  running  
 [ 34] engclient_cmd           1           pizzahut          engclient_cmd.a  running  
 [ 35] Spray ID                1.12        Cheesy Peteza     sprayid.amxx     running  
 [ 36] Admin Tag Enforcement/  2.7.1       pizzahut          tagprotect271.a  running  
36 plugins, 36 running
meta list
Currently loaded plugins:
      description      stat pend  file              vers      src   load  unlod
 [ 1] AMX Mod X        RUN   -    amxmodx_mm_i386.  v1.10.0.  ini   Start ANY  
 [ 2] FoxBot           RUN   -    foxbot_0792.so    v0.792-b  ini   Start Start
 [ 3] LogMod           RUN   -    logmod_mm_i386.s  v0.8.0.0  ini   ANY   Pause
 [ 4] sparky utils v2  RUN   -    sparky_mm_i386.s  v2.02.1   ini   Start Never
 [ 5] Engine           RUN   -    engine_amxx_i386  v1.10.0.  pl1   ANY   ANY  
 [ 6] TfcX             RUN   -    tfcx_amxx_i386.s  v1.10.0.  pl1   ANY   ANY  
 [ 7] FakeMeta         RUN   -    fakemeta_amxx_i3  v1.10.0.  pl1   ANY   ANY  
 [ 8] MySQL            RUN   -    mysql_amxx_i386.  v1.10.0.  pl1   ANY   ANY  
 [ 9] GeoIP            RUN   -    geoip_amxx_i386.  v1.10.0.  pl1   ANY   ANY  
9 plugins, 9 running

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Old 05-30-2020 , 07:26   Re: tfc_get_user_goalitem might be broken on Linux
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Looked into this today.

According to



This is correct for Windows.

I made this test plugin:


And it's 24 on Linux.
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Old 05-30-2020 , 08:20   Re: tfc_get_user_goalitem might be broken on Linux
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If you believe there is a problem with the base AMXX package, you might want to submit a issue in the GitHub page - https://github.com/alliedmodders/amxmodx/issues

You will have better luck getting a reply from the repository managers there.

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Old 05-30-2020 , 08:22   Re: tfc_get_user_goalitem might be broken on Linux
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Yeah just added.


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