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TOGs Jump / Bhop Stats

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    Bhop method detection
    Old 05-17-2014 , 15:41   TOGs Jump / Bhop Stats
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    This plugin is one that I made as a replacement for Macrodox for detecting player bhop methods. It uses some coding from his plugin, but has been changed in quite a lot of ways (detailed below).

    • Bhop hacks - Flags players with perfect jump ratios above a value, configurable by cvar (0.9, i.e. 90%, by default).
    • Pattern Jumps - Flags players with over 15 jumps out of their last 30, having the exact same number of jump commands sent to the server. This is detection for auto-hotkeys and will only triggered if their average number of jumps is above 15 as well.
    • Hyperscroll - This is likely allowed in most servers, but has been included for communities that dont allow it. Hyperscroll is a feature of some mice that allows them to unlock a near-frictionless mouse wheel, and spin it. It will keep spinning, sending massive amounts of jump commands to the server. Many who use this feature actually do worse, but if used properly, can easily be used to reach rediculous perfect ratios (~0.7).
    • fps_max'ing - Detects players who put their fps_max value below a CVar defined value (60 by default), allowing them to hit really high perf rates.

    • If set by cvar, this plugin will auto-notify every admin (with the "ban" flag) in the server if a player is flagged for any of the above. The notification is in all red so that it is hard to miss, and will list what the player is flagged for. These notifications are given a configurable cooldown period, to avoid chat spamming the admins.
    • The hyperscroll detection is pretty configurable. By default, it only flags players who have perfect jump ratios above 60% (I only set this so that I dont waste my time with hyperscrollers who cant even do it well), who have at least 16 (configurable) jumps with 16 (configurable) or more jump commands sent to the server between jumps. Additionally, to further prevent false positives, you can set it to only log stats and notify admins if the player is detected 3 rounds in a row.
    • All three of the above detections log to separate files inside of a subfolder in SM logs.
    • You can reset a players (or all players) jump stats. This can be used if a player is asked to turn something off, and you want to start fresh on their stats to see if they did.
    • This plugin has full admin menu integration. This is especially useful when you want to target one specific player, but their name is all special characters (and you're too lazy to copy/paste). Simply pick from player lists.
    • Flagged players will only be logged once per map, unless they exceed their previous perf by the value set by tjs_flag_relogdiff (5% by default). No need to flood the logs.
    • The jump stats output is formatted so that player names are not at the beginning. This is so that an admin can quickly scroll through stats for all players and the values they are looking for (e.g. perfect ratios, or average jumps) are all in the same place.

    Note: The current version has the admin menu functionality removed. To add it back, you can put a setup in adminmenu_custom.txt (addons/sourcemod/configs/):
    Admin Menu Integration



    Sample Stats and explanations


    Install contents of zip folder in your cstrike/addons/sourcemod directory.
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