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[Help] Sound bug

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Old 05-10-2020 , 15:58   [Help] Sound bug
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Hello i have bug in my server and i don't know from what or how to fix it for some people sound is bug for some isn't (glock has sound of mp3 and for some doesn't shoot at all, famas has no sound,mp3 has sound of ct UZI [m 3 1]) btw i have reHLDS and reunion if that helps thanks alot .

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Old 05-11-2020 , 14:12   Re: [Help] Sound bug
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Old 05-11-2020 , 14:24   Re: [Help] Sound bug
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You must learn how to create steam server
i can help you
start !
get steamcmd from

then create file name
PHP Code:
PHP Code:
and place steamcmd.exe in file steamcmd
open the steam cmd and wait for update
then type
PHP Code:
login anonymous 
PHP Code:
force_install_dir c://folder/gamesv 
PHP Code:
app_update 90 -beta beta validate 
if it dont work type again
PHP Code:
app_update 90 validate 
when it end close the steam cmd

Your server is now steam . run hlds in gamesv

hope you enjoy
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