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Save XP Problem [Superhero server]

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Old 06-20-2014 , 13:08   Save XP Problem [Superhero server]
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Hi i have a Superhero mod live on counter-strike the problem its that every time i restart the server the xp from players are gone how can i fix it?

The shconfig.cfg are set to

//Save XP or restart it from 0 each map.
// 0 - Reset XP each map (Short Term)
// 1 - Save XP (Long Term)
sh_savexp 1

//Key used to save players XP data by.
// 0 - Force save by name/nick
// 1 - Auto-detect, save by SteamID or IP if LAN (default)
// 2 - Force save by IP
sh_saveby 2

//How many days a user's XP is saved after the user's last connection.
//Recommended max setting of 30 for VAULT style saving. Max value is 365.
sh_xpsavedays 90

//Enable this to save XP at end of every round.
//May cause a very small amount of lag at round end with MySQL saving.
// 0 - Disabled
// 1 - Enabled
sh_endroundsave 1

//Give new players an average level of XP based on people already playing. (Setting is ignored with Saved XP)
// 0 - Disabled
// 1 - Enabled
sh_autobalance 0

// *** MySQL Settings, Only needed if using the mysql saving method ***
// Uncomment the cvar lines to enable these settings

//sh_mysql_host "localhost"
//sh_mysql_user "SuperHeroModUser"
//sh_mysql_pass ""
//sh_mysql_db "sherodb"
//sh_mysql_persistent 0

Anybody knows the problem?
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Old 06-21-2014 , 08:45   Re: Save XP Problem [Superhero server]
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Try to save by SteamID instead of saving by IP.
No idea what to write here...
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Old 06-21-2014 , 09:17   Re: Save XP Problem [Superhero server]
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thanks thats works
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