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Old 04-12-2010 , 01:24   WINNER MOTD API
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im after the api for making a custom motd to run from my website??? ive looked through the sma at how its setup there, but i am unsure what to use with the remote file. what are the calls for the winner name? and so on. do i call them like normal as in the sma or does it call the info from the database??

thanks in advance, it doesnt seem that anyone has made custom remote winner motd's?? or im not looking int he right places.

if someone(avalanche ) could even post an example, just the standard winner motd as an external file, that would be awsome, i can work from there.

at present im running normal local files, but im going to be moving over 2 sql, i will make some php display files and post them up here, i can also do some intergrations if needed(phpnuke, e107) things like that if people are chasing them.

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Old 04-12-2010 , 07:47   Re: WINNER MOTD API
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nevermind, i found this

The gg_sql_players_table is used to temporarily store the information of each player at the end of each GunGame round for the purpose of using it on your own custom win MOTD page. In fact, this table is only updated if gg_winner_motd is set to a URL address. It shouldn't ever have more than 33 rows. The wins, points, streak, and stats position fields refer to all-around stats (gg_stats_split is 0), non-teamplay stats (gg_stats_split is 1 but gg_teamplay is 0), or teamplay-specific stats (gg_stats_split is 1 and gg_teamplay is 1).
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