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[L4D2] About "IsClientInGame()"

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Old 03-25-2023 , 08:27   [L4D2] About "IsClientInGame()"
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I'm having some problems writing a plugin.
The code snippet looks like this

PHP Code:
public void OnPluginStart()

void CheckStatus()
int i =1i<=MaxClientsi++)
//              if(!IS_VALID_SURVIVOR(i))
//              if(!IsValidEntity(i) )
//                      return;
//              PrintToChatAll("1");
//              if(!IsClientConnected(i) )
//                      return;
//              PrintToChatAll("2");
//              if(!IsValiClient(i) )
//                      return;
if(!IsClientInGame(i) )
GetClientTeam(i) == 2)
char name[64];
GetClientName(inamesizeof(name) );
int health GetEntProp(iProp_Send"m_iHealth");
float buffer GetTempHealth(i);
//GetEntPropFloat(i, Prop_Send, "m_healthBuffer");
int count GetEntProp(iProp_Send"m_currentReviveCount");
PrintToChatAll("%s#HP:%d, TEMP:%f, REV:%d,"namehealthbuffercount);
PrintToServer("%s#HP:%d, TEMP:%f, REV:%d,"namehealthbuffercount);

I run many tests on my multiple servers.
"IsClientInGame()" sometimes thinks the client is not in the game.

The following situations have occurred in the test:
1.Only the first player to join is considered "in game".
2.Following the first point, when a second player joins the server, the fake client will be considered "Not in game", and . The second player is also sometimes considered "Not in game".
3.All players, fake clients or not, are correctly considered "in game"
4.Only real players are considered "in game"
I also tested in pure server and the result is still the same
Initially, it throws
 03/24/2023 - 19:59:23: [SM] Call stack trace:
L 03/24/2023 - 19:59:23: [SM]   [0] Event.GetInt
L 03/24/2023 - 19:59:23: [SM]   [1] Line 90, test.sp::Event_Weapon_Fire
After I removed "EventHookMode_PostNoCopy", the error in the log above disappeared. However, the problem is still happening..

I also tried changing the cvars "sv_lan" and "sv_cheats", but, the miracle didn't happen.

Can anyone tell me what exactly is going on?
I'm very confused.......
Sorry,my english not good
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