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Solved SourceMod API GetClientAuthId Function

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Old 11-01-2019 , 23:36   SourceMod API GetClientAuthId Function
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I've upgraded to Sourcemod 1.10 and began cleaning up plugins. I've noticed this warning on a few of them when compiling: warning 234: symbol "GetClientAuthString" is marked as deprecated: Use GetClientAuthId

I reviewed the GetClientAuthId function (link: https://sm.alliedmods.net/new-api/cl...etClientAuthId). However, I'm a bit stumped on how to use it to get the Steam2 ID.

How would you rewrite the code below to use GetClientAuthId instead of GetClientAuthString to get a Steam2 ID?

public Action:Command_Addvip(client, args)
	if(args < 1)
		ReplyToCommand(client, "[SM] Usage: sm_addvip <name or #userid>");
		return Plugin_Handled;
	decl String:buffer[64];
	GetCmdArg(1, buffer, sizeof(buffer));
	new target = FindTarget(client, buffer, true, false);
	decl String:steamid[64];
	GetClientAuthString(target, steamid, sizeof(steamid));

	new String:szFile[256];
	BuildPath(Path_SM, szFile, sizeof(szFile), "configs/admins_simple.ini");

	new Handle:hFile = OpenFile(szFile, "at");

	WriteFileLine(hFile, "\"%s\" \"5:a\"", steamid);


	return Plugin_Handled;

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Old 11-01-2019 , 23:48   Re: SourceMod API GetClientAuthId Function
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GetClientAuthId(target, AuthId_Steam2, steamid, sizeof(steamid));
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Old 11-02-2019 , 00:36   Re: SourceMod API GetClientAuthId Function
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8guawong, that worked perfectly. Thanks!
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Old 11-02-2019 , 01:08   Re: SourceMod API GetClientAuthId Function
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Both the very old GetClientAuthString (since SM and (since SM 1.6.0) has always been a boolean.

So now you also have the chance to change and do things properly from your end, with some superior code like:

PHP Code:
if (!GetClientAuthId(targetAuthId_Steam2steamidsizeof(steamid)))
/* User probably not authenticated yet or Steam network (or connectivity to it) is temporarily down... Print "try again later" message? */
return Plugin_Handled;

PHP Code:
if (GetClientAuthId(targetAuthId_Steam2steamidsizeof(steamid)))
/* User probably not authenticated yet or Steam network (or connectivity to it) is temporarily down... Print "try again later" message? */
return Plugin_Handled;

Even with the older GetClientAuthString, you should also have had done that kind of thing as well, checking the actual return values before you blindly use the data.
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