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Old 05-16-2006 , 01:44  
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afk kicker is moving dead players to spectate even though there just spectating alive players.[/i]
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Old 05-17-2006 , 17:47  
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Originally Posted by Opossum
Updated from M to N. But I think this was a very bad idea.

- Adverts aren't shown in the colors set in adverts.txt
- Module : Most Destructive
mani_stats_most_destructive 1
mani_player_settings_destructive 1
Nothing is shown.
- Module : Victim Stats
mani_show_victim_stats 1
mani_player_settings_damage 2/3 (1 not tested yet)
- Module : Warmup Timer
mani_warmup_timer 1
mani_warmup_timer_show_countdown 1
mani_warmup_timer_knives_only 1
mani_warmup_timer_knives_respawn 1
mani_warmup_timer_ignore_tk 0
mani_warmup_timer_unlimited_grenades 1
Again, nothing...
I did a complete reinstallation. I set the server back and installed everything new. And I did it on both of our servers.
On #1 it seems to work great, but it was working great after update before, too. But on our #2 server, hm. The Damage GUI is now working, but the warmuptimer won't work. No Countdown, no knife only. Don't know why.
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Old 05-19-2006 , 14:01  
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i think it will be great if the crontablist.txt will also be able to start montly events, so that everbody could reset the ranks automaticly
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Old 05-25-2006 , 19:16  
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UPDATE To Beta N RC2 25th May

Fixed VSP version not getting new Valve interfaces
Fixed an issue in the player targetting code
Fixed AFK manager leaving open rounds if the last player is moved to spec
Fixed betting odds being displayed the wrong way round
Tweaked damage stats colour back to being orange again in text mode
Re-compiled against latest SourceMM codebase

Added back ma_cexec_t, ma_cexec_ct, ma_cexec_all, ma_cexec_spec
Added ma_maphistory command
Added ma_client serverid that uploads the server information only to the database.
Added an extra option to ma_swapteam command to slay player before swapping them. Add any parameter after the player target eg ma_swapteam Mani X

Updated english.cfg file to add translations for ma_maphistory and ma_client serverid command
Updated gametypes.txt to use CommitSuicide vfunc.

If you already have Beta N RC1 you only need to replace the binary file, english.cfg and gametypes.txt

Use the download links for V1.2 Beta N to get hold of Beta N RC2
Installation files, documentation and help can be found at: -

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Old 05-25-2006 , 19:26  
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Brilliant Mani! I am going to test out these new features now - finally betting mod is added - people have been waiting for this for a long time. Cheers

Edit: It seems the reg has been reduced. The updates per second have been reduced and its not because ive changed the sv_maxupdaterate etc or like my pc can't handle >100 fps because i got myself a 7900GTX
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Old 05-25-2006 , 19:48  
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Great thanks mani !!! ;)
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Old 06-01-2006 , 06:21  
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We have 2 servers, one windows and one linux. the linux one works fine, but with the windows one, when you open the admin menu, and then select from the menu, it makes the sound, but just dissapears :s

Anyone else having this (latest version of SMM and Mani)

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Old 06-01-2006 , 08:30  
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Have u updated your server for the Steam Engine ?
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Old 06-01-2006 , 12:31  
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yep, or we wouldnt be able to join it....

Originally Posted by rcon
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Old 06-02-2006 , 18:25  
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Mani could you tell me how you can disable the waiting for next round ? Instead after voting it changes straight away as I use a deathmatch script so nobody all dies at one time.
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