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Infinite Ammo

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    Simple on/off switch for infinite ammo
    Old 05-20-2007 , 18:32   Infinite Ammo
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    Infinite Ammo, pretty simple concept.

    sm_iammo_enable <0|1|2> - 0 = disable infinite ammo; 1 = allow infinite ammo with the command; 2 = automatically give everyone infinite ammo

    REQUIRES Admin Kick -
    sm_iammo <user id | name | @<team> | @all> <0 | 1> - Gives or removes infinite ammo from a player.

    Setting the enable cvar to 2 will give everyone in the server infinite ammo and setting it from 2 to any other valid value will remove infinite ammo from everyone.

    Note: When removing infinite ammo, no attempt is made to set the player(s)' clip to the right size, so it will start from 50 and go down normally from there.

    Note 2 (TF2 Specific): Flamethrower still runs out of ammo eventually. The blu team is targetted using @blue instead of @blu - blame pred.
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