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[SP] ConfigMap: StringMap & SMCParser

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Old 12-20-2020 , 15:09   Re: [SP] ConfigMap: StringMap & SMCParser
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Sorry for long silence. I tested ConfigMap.GetBool, works perfect (last test: 0.000090 sec).
You should update include with this method. Also, fix typo in description:
int GetInt(const char[] key_path, int& i, int base=10);

int GetFloat(const char[] key_path, float& f); // int to float

You should post some example about iterating sections and keys (and there's a problem with random sorting, i know that's the StringMap feature)

Last thing: fix typo on GitHub Wiki (about escaping dots)
If you're trying to access a key such as "mywebsite.com", then you'd have to use a string like "mywebsite.com" to access the value.

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Old 08-26-2023 , 18:31   Re: [SP] ConfigMap: StringMap & SMCParser
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Update Announcement for ConfigMap.
  • Added Math Parsing,
  • Keys are now stored and in the order they were presented in the config file
  • DataPacks were removed, making ConfigMap fully shareable across plugins
  • Changes to the cfg file can be detected
  • Partial String Interpolation added
  • File Inclusion added
  • More Key-based operations such as getting keys as ints or floats.
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