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FF2 Cyriv's Bosses V1.5 (New Boss: Billy Irish)

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Old 03-21-2020 , 14:25   Cyriv's Bosses V1.5 (New Boss: Billy Irish)
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Hello I'm New To The FF2 Community I Made 2 Bosses for right now and More coming soon

MvM Veteran
Click image for larger version

Name:	MvM Veteran.PNG
Views:	8
Size:	73.8 KB
ID:	180260
Health: 9000 (I forgot)
Lives: 2
Theme Song: E For Extinction By Thousand Foot Krutch
Abilities: Weight down, Stun

MvM Veteran File

Master Bot
Click image for larger version

Name:	Master Bot.PNG
Views:	12
Size:	43.5 KB
ID:	180262
Health: 12000
Abilities: Brave Jump, Frontier Justice With 1 Ammo For Rage
Animations: Engineer

Master Bot File

Combat Bat
Name:  Capture.JPG
Views: 109
Size:  22.0 KB
Health: 18700
Abilities: Cloning, Added Panic Attack On Rage
Animations: Human Engineer

Combat Bat File (Coming Soon)

Combat Bat's Critical Minion Support
Name:  Capture2.JPG
Views: 108
Size:  21.8 KB
Health: 5000
Abilities: Stun, Uber Rage
Animations: Soldier & Engineer Mixed

Combat Bat's Critical Minion Support File (Coming Soon)

Ghost (Radio Graffiti)
Name:  Ghost (Radio Graffiti).JPG
Views: 84
Size:  16.7 KB
Abilities: Stun Rage
Animations: Engineer
Voice lines: Ghost From Radio Graffiti

Ghost (Radio Graffiti) File (Coming Soon)

F2P Soldier
Name:  F2P Soldier.JPG
Views: 76
Size:  15.2 KB
Abilities: Teleport, Stun Rage
Animations: Pyro
Voice lines: Soldier Voices but in pitch 1.3

F2P Soldier File (Coming Soon)

Billy Irish
Name:  billyirish.JPG
Views: 76
Size:  16.4 KB
Abilities: Stun Rage
Weapons: Eyelander
Voice Lines: Demoman But Pitch 1.4
Animations: Demoman

Billy Irish File (Coming Soon)

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Old 03-24-2020 , 01:21   Re: Cyriv's Bosses V1.5 (New Boss: Billy Irish)
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Why would you make every boss only has a fixed amount of health???
A boss should have a dynamic health formula which makes it to have more health when there is more players in the server. This is a measure for balancing the game, your bosses would be instantly killed in a 20+ player server. I don't want to be rude but it seems most of your bosses are just official FF2 boss reskin (official abilities only)with a fixed health (which is a massive downgrade). And why would anyone still use Zippyshare these days when everyone is on cloud services like Dropbox / Google Drive?
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Last edited by hkkelvin1995; 03-24-2020 at 01:33. Reason: Yes he does make every boss has a fixed amount of health
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