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How to recognize <Disabled> plugin?

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Old 03-18-2020 , 11:59   How to recognize <Disabled> plugin?
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sm returns INVALID_HANDLE when retrieving <disabled> plugin's handle, even if plugin is listed:

PHP Code:
sm plugins list
52 Disabled"[ANY] Sample" (1.0by XXX 
and considered as loaded:

PHP Code:
sm plugins load fault.smx
[SMPlugin fault.smx is already loaded
so by logic, GetPluginStatus() should have an opportunity to show status: Plugin_Running

but it require plugin handle, that I cannot provide.

Is it a bug?

PHP Code:
public APLRes AskPluginLoad2(Handle myselfbool latechar[] errorint err_max)

+ map change (to reproduce).

PHP Code:
public void OnPluginStart()

Action CmdIter(int clientint args)
char sFilename[] = "fault.smx";
Handle hPlugin FindPluginByFile(sFilename);
PrintToChatAll("Plugin handle: %i"hPlugin); // returns 0
    // ==============
BuildPath(Path_SMsLogsizeof(sLog), "logs/_status.log");
Handle hIter GetPluginIterator();
Handle hPlug;
char name[64];
// Iterate plugins
while( MorePlugins(hIter) )
hPlug ReadPlugin(hIter);
GetPluginFilename(hPlugnamesizeof name);
ps GetPluginStatus(hPlug);
LogToFileEx(sLog"Plugin %s (Handle: %i) - status: %i"namehPlugps);

// last record of iterator returns Handle: 0
Handle h FindPluginByNumber(52);
PrintToChatAll("52-th plugin handle is: %i"h); // returns 0
return Plugin_Handled;

FindPluginByFile returns 0;
FindPluginByNumber returns 0;

GetPluginIterator + MorePlugins can see disabled plugin. They returns in total 52 records, but that last record is:
Plugin XXX (Handle: 0)
so no information about name of disabled plugin cannot be retrieved from this handle.
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