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[L4D] L4D Tank announce and lock door (v1.0.7, 2020-03-28)

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    Old 03-05-2020 , 14:11   [L4D] L4D Tank announce and lock door (v1.0.7, 2020-03-28)
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    This plugin announces tank spawns and locks the safehouse door until the tank is dead.

    ATM L4D1 vs only. (For Coop just add the final map names)

    It makes rushers who try to skip the tank look really dump... when they try to open the safehouse door...

    CVAR/Command list:

    2020-03-05 (v1.0.3)
    * Initial release.
    2020-03-06 (v1.0.4)
    * added l4d_vs_smalltown03_ranchhouse to "is final map" check because churchguy door would open after tank kill...
    2020-03-28 (v1.0.7)
    * added a workaround for the multiple tanks error, so it only announce the 1st tank and opens the door when all tanks are dead. It will not announce the second tank on final or when they get spawned via other addons

    Installation instructions:
    Click 'Get Plugin' button, place SMX in the sourcemod plugins folder. Or compile it yourself.


    I am unable to keep track of tanks when they spawn and then loose control. Added an if statement in 1.0.7 as a temporary fix. When a tank spawns and gives control to player and then loose control etc the tank_spawn event is fired everytime and that would cause the announcement to happen like everytime the tank pass control to player etc. I need a way to only announce the initial spawn af every individual tank. ATM I am lost how to track them though, I wish there was some ID that stays the same for this single tank object no matter if AI or human plays it.

    Fix the bug mentioned above.
    Should check for l4d2 zombie class 8 to make it l4d2 compatible.
    The list of the final maps should be in a cfg file and l4d2 final maps should be added but currently I'm too stupid to do it though.

    Based on code from:
    * [L4D / L4D2] Lockdown System | 1.7 [Final] : Jan. 30, 2019 |
    * https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=281305
    * Aya Supay for making the code look great again
    * MasterMind420 for providing a fix to check for all kinds of ending checkpoint doors
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