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How to slow down Dead Ringer holster time?

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Old 03-03-2020 , 16:01   How to slow down Dead Ringer holster time?
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I am recently trying to tweak the game balance in my Freak Fortress 2 Server.
I wrote a plugin that slows down spies' knives's deploy rate by applying item attribute 773 'single wep deploy time increased' to all weapon in the knife slot.
However, some players report that toggling Dead Ringer (as well as cloaking) can cancel out the slowdown and they can instantly swing their knife again.
So I thought I'd just apply attribute 772 (add holster delay) to the item slot and hopefully it would just holster a bit slower, but it just doesn't work as intended.
  int melee = GetPlayerWeaponSlot(client,2);
  int cloak = GetPlayerWeaponSlot(client,4);

  TF2Attrib_SetByDefIndex(melee,773,fKnifeDelay);//Knife deploys slower
  TF2Attrib_SetByDefIndex(cloak,772,fCloakDelay);//Cloak item holsters slower
Is there any possible way slow down Dead Ringer's holster time?
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