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Please update data

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Old 12-26-2016 , 05:10   Please update data
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We are hosting games as dod, dods and tf2.
But as dod and dods are old and now both "Day of Infamy" and "Days of War" is going out of beta soon, it would be good if the HL2 based DoI could be supported by hlstatsxce.
I have a working installation but the data isnt supporting the mod.
Their is no weapon names or anything else then the insurgency-data that is with the packages..

Could someone that knows howto, update the packages?

Linux server administrator.
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Old 12-26-2016 , 16:08   Re: Please update data
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I have done a Day of Infamy support for HLstats. Was quite a bunch of work, but there is one huge problem: The Weapon Codes.

Usually the codes are like this

Player 1 (Steam:bla) killed player2 (steam:bla) with weapon bar and so on

But DOI does this as following:

L 12/26/2016 - 11:16:40: "BOT Serguei<6><BOT><#faction_americans>" killed "BOT Thomas<21><BOT><#faction_german_army>" with "thompson_m1a1<16>" at (418.153564, 2682.978760, -114.822273)

the problem is: "thompson_m1a1<16>" the <>

This causes HLstats to not be able to assign images to the weapons on a windows server and weapon tab shows the weapons if assigned but if you click on the weapon the char is empty.

So the Problem is not the empty data for DOI but the <> in the weapon code itself. I think there might be a little workarround in php which makes HLstats ignore <> but I am not able to solve this by my self.

At this point I am willing to share my work you can see here if someone can make a workarround for the problem with the <>

Just recognized, that the new update f**ked up my work cause the weapon Codes changed. Merry Christmas to me

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Old 03-29-2017 , 14:55   Re: Please update data
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To "bump" this:

I had an idea today. See here

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