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[ANY] Team Filter

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Server Management
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    Allowing specified teams (clans) to join the game while preventing others!
    Old 07-23-2014 , 18:24   [ANY] Team Filter
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    Supported Games:

    SourceMod 1.4+
    MySQL Database

    What is the goal of this plugin?
    This plugin allows specified teams to join you server and filters out people who don't have a permission to join the game! very useful for CW (Clan Wars) Servers!


    Download plugin from 'Get Plugin' and upload it to "sourcemod/plugins"

    - Plugin version.

    Admin Commands:
    sm_teamfilter <on|off|add|delete|status|members|reset> <team1, team2, ...>

    Suppose we have two teams called TEX and LOL
    !teamfilter on TEX will allow only members of TEX team to join the server!
    !teamfilter on TEX LOL will allow only members of TEX team and LOL team to join the server!
    notice: we can add more than two teams! and maximum team name is 10 letters!

    !teamfilter off removes current filter and allow anyone to join the game!

    !teamfilter add TEX Displays a list of current players, the chosen player will be added to TEX team!

    !teamfilter delete TEX shows you a list of members of TEX team, the chosen player will be removed from that team!

    !teamfilter status Shows the status of current filter!

    !teamfilter members TEX Displays a list of TEX team members!

    !teamfilter reset TEX will remove all members of that team as if the team it self was removed!

    Public Commands:

    sm_myteam Displays a list of player's team(s)
    Usage: !myteam

    Important notes:

    1. Only Supporting MySQL databases and using the "default" Database!
    2. There's a special team called * members added to it will be never kicked!
      Admins and SourceTV should be added to the * team!
    3. This is my FIRST PLUGIN hope you like it and find it useful!

    Change Log:
    1.0 Initial release!
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (sm_teamfilter.sp - 232 views - 14.9 KB)

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