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[TF2 | Mapping & Gameplay] TriggerHappy

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Pootis Spencer Ere
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Team Fortress 2
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    Adds event trigger support to specifically designed maps
    Old 10-19-2012 , 10:45   [TF2 | Mapping & Gameplay] TriggerHappy
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    This plugin will remain under development on an as-needed basis.

    This plugin adds event trigger support to your custom maps.

    Currently, this plugin only supports triggers for voicemenu commands and sudden death events.
    I plan on adding more triggers in the future as the need arises or if someone requests a specific trigger.

    How to use:
    1. Download the attached (zipped) trigger_brush FGD file, place it in your SourceSDK folder with the other FGD files
    2. Import the FGD file into hammer
    3. Create a trigger_brush brush-based entity
    4. Name said brush to "voicemenu X Y"
      >> the name of this brush indicates which voicemenu command the map will listen for.
      >> for a list of voicecommands, see here
      >> please note that you need to subtract 1 from the above list's indicies;
      >> (Calling medic is "voicemenu 0 0", NOT "voicemenu 1 1" [that's for "incomming"])
    5. Wire up your trigger's USE output however you want.
      >> Now whenever someone uses the specified voicemenu command,
      >>>> the trigger_brush's USE output should fire and whatever event you desire will occur.
      >> the !activator IS passed to the triggered I/O chain, should you need it to; this allows you to filter your inputs too!

    For a demo, Please see the attached zip file for VMF & BSP map.
    in the demo, a Medic bot should spawn whenever a BLU player calls for a medic; nothing will happen if a RED player calls for a medic as the trigger is filtered by team.
    (demo requires sv_cheats 1 and depending on server team balance settings, the medic might be RED)

    Important Notes:
    The attached FGD file enables you to use trigger_brush entity. this entity is SOLID with no way to make it non-solid.
    it's best to put it somewhere where nothing could collide with it (or cleverly texture it into part of your map, I don't care.)
    Also, if you name your trigger_brush to one of the following below, the game engine itself will automatically trigger these events (this plugin does not trigger them)
    • game_playerdie Fires whenever a player dies. The person who dies is the !activator
    • game_playerkill Fires whenever a player kills another player. (game_playerdie also fires) The person who killed the player is the !activator
    • game_playerjoin Fires whenever a player joins the game. The person who joined is the !activator
    • game_playerspawn Fires whenever a player spawns. The person who spawned is the !activator
    • game_playerleave Fires whenever a player leaves the game. The person who left is the !activator

    Mapping Ideas
    Here's some ideas and possibilites this plugin could add to your maps:
    • spawn engineer buildings when someone says to
    • payload maps could "switch" tracks depending on voicemenu "go left" "go right"
    • payload maps could start/stop the cart on voicemenu "go" or "no"
    • lock/unlock doors in sudden death (maybe even remove spawn walls?)

    ...the possibilities are endless.

    0.2 - 19 Oct 2012 - Added support for Sudden Death events
    >> teamplay_suddendeath_begin Fires when sudden death begins
    >> teamplay_suddendeath_end Fires when sudden death ends
    >>>> These triggers can be used to change the map layout, un/lock doors, maybe even destroy that wall between spawns... it's up to you

    0.1 - 19 Oct 2012 - Inital release, only supports voicemenu commands
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (triggerhappy.sp - 645 views - 2.1 KB)
    File Type: zip TriggerHappyTest.zip (7.1 KB, 101 views)
    File Type: zip trigger_brush.zip (1.1 KB, 105 views)
    Common Aliases: Xyphos, [poni] Shutterfly, Pootis Spencer Ere

    Mapping & Gameplay: AddCond | AreaCond | TrapKill | TriggerHappy


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    Old 10-22-2012 , 23:15   Re: [TF2 | Mapping & Gameplay] TriggerHappy
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    I like these map/mod plugin combos. More of these need to exist. Good job!
    Bread EOTL GunMettle Invasion Jungle Inferno will break everything. Don't even ask.

    All plugins: Randomizer/GiveWeapon, ModelManager, etc.
    Post in plugin threads with questions.
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    You will be fed to javalia otherwise.
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    Old 12-02-2012 , 13:43   Re: [TF2 | Mapping & Gameplay] TriggerHappy
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    Fun Server

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    Old 12-04-2012 , 22:27   Re: [TF2 | Mapping & Gameplay] TriggerHappy
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    Will this either right now or in the future. Be able to allow a single area to be melee only? If so then is that possible now. I would love to have this set around my boxing ring so whenever someone enters the area it will trigger them to melee only till they leave.

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