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[CS:S] Grenade Pack 2

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    Allows and/or restricts players to a given number of he grenades, smoke grenades, and flashbangs
    Old 11-16-2011 , 00:38   [CS:S] Grenade Pack 2
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    Allows players and VIPs to be able to carry more than the normal 1 hegrenade, 2 flashbangs, and 1 smoke grenade.

    You can set VIP players to be able to carry more than regular players with the CVars.

    "grenadepack2_vip" is the command you can use to override the default CUSTOM1 (or "o") flag I set for VIPs.

    There is Greyscale's Grenade Pack V1.5 but his only allows players to carry extra hegrenades. A request was put in that thread asking for the ability to allow players to carry more flashes and smokes, but he said, at the time, it may not be possible.

    Valve, as you may or may not know, finally fixed the ammo_<weapon>_max cvar to work with hegrenades, flashbangs, and smoke grenades. This is cool, but that means that if you change them to 4 or something, then EVERY player can have 4.

    I thought it would be a good idea to implement a plugin to allow VIP players to have more than the normal and limit the regular players to the normal (or maybe slightly enhanced).

    I didn't write this plugin to fully restrict players from not being able to buy nade type weapons, but if requested, I could add that (the change would be to set the CVar to 0 to restrict that type of nade).

    sm_grenadepack2_announce         3
    sm_grenadepack2_enabled          1
    sm_grenadepack2_flashbang        2
    sm_grenadepack2_flashbang_vip    4
    sm_grenadepack2_hegrenade        1
    sm_grenadepack2_hegrenade_vip    3
    sm_grenadepack2_smokegrenade     1
    sm_grenadepack2_smokegrenade_vip 2
    sm_grenadepack2_enforce          0
    ammo_hegrenade_max is tied to sm_grenadepack2_hegrenade_vip
    ammo_smokegrenade_max is tied to sm_grenadepack2_smokegrenade_vip
    ammo_flashbang_max is tied to sm_grenadepack2_flashbang_vip

    If you set the regular (non _vip) cvars to something higher than the VIP cvar, the VIP cvar will be adjusted to match the regular cvar
    if you set the VIP cvar to something lower than the regular (non _vip) cvar, the regular cvar will be adjusted to match the VIP cvar



    Greyscale for the original Grenade Pack

    To install this plugin, copy the .smx file to your "cstrike\addons\sourcemod\plugins" folder; copy the .txt file to your "cstrike\addons\sourcemod\translations" folder. Change the map on the server or restart it.
    A configuration file (GrenadePack2.plugin.cfg) in your "cstrike\cfg\sourcemod" folder will be created. Edit it to your liking (just don't have the _vip cvars less than the corresponding regular ones). If you make changes to the config file they will take affect on the next map change or server restart.

    This plugin is Updater enabled so if there are any updates it will automatically be applied if you have Updater set to auto-install.

    Feel free to add your own translations to the translation file, or reply here and I'll add them.

    You'll either have to compile the plugin yourself or download the attached .smx file because the web compiler will not compile it due to the includes.

    Change Log

    ** NOTE **
    If you're updating to 1.0.2, you'll need to download the updated translation file too. Also, backup your config file, delete it and let the plugin create a new one for you to edit since I added a new CVar
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