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[CS:GO] Private plugins release

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Old 07-06-2020 , 22:31   [CS:GO] Private plugins release
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I used to help run a gaming community called Final Respawn. During this time, I made a number of plugins that were private to the community. Some of these plugins were small changes and/or improvements on existing plugins, such as Advertisements and Auto Respawn, while others were completely different, or weren't around at all.

Final Respawn hasn't existed for a few years now, so I've decided to release them with the hope that they can benefit this community in someway.

All the plugins were made for CS:GO, and it must be said I'm not sure if they'll even compile with the latest version of SourceMod. If this is the case I'm sure it won't take much to make them usable.

The plugins:

Advertisements - Simple and effective colour advertisements for CS:GO
Auto Respawn - Respawns players until spawn protection is enabled
Demo Name - Sets the demo name on MapChange
FF Kick - Kicks players that write !ff
Force Map End - Forces the map end, and stops it from ending otherwise
Game Setup - Simple game management developed for Final Respawn
Infected - Infected gamemode for CS:GO
Multiplay Improved - Minigame Multiplay improved in various ways
Prestrafe - Simple prestrafe for CS:GO
Spawn Weapons - Gives weapons on spawn
Spectate Advanced - Increases the spectator's experience with spec list, show keys and more
Strafe Bind Fix - Stops double bind in-game strafe hack
Stuck - Slays players that are stuck
Tactical Insertion - Place a tactical insertion using your reload button
Teams - Easy and effective team management
Workshop Map Cycle - Makes an alphabetically arranged mapcycle.txt based on your workshop collection

The biggest plugins are probably Game Setup, Infected and Spectate Advanced. I remember Workshop Map Cycle being incredibly useful for servers that use workshop maps.

That's it, enjoy! All the plugins can be found at:

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Old 07-07-2020 , 06:14   Re: [CS:GO] Private plugins release
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This thread is fine, but you might wanna post this in the following thread, too.
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Steve Merson
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Old 07-07-2020 , 11:51   Re: [CS:GO] Private plugins release
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Nice Bro thanks for your work
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Old 01-23-2021 , 03:05   Re: [CS:GO] Private plugins release
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Thanks for share.
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