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[CS:GO] Zombie Deathmatch (v0.1.2, 2021-01-09)

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Grey Echo
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Old 01-06-2021 , 10:33   Re: [CS:GO] Zombie Deathmatch (v0.1.0, 2021-01-03)
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Originally Posted by vijayar View Post
Thanks. I have few more suggestion/feedback.

Kick players if they are camping ; I was able to squat in a nice corner with negev, in multiple maps and the zombies were sitting ducks. I was able to complete multiple rounds easily with only me as CT player. This will make the mode boring after sometime. Imagine if there are more CT.
The fun is if the CT has to keep moving, that way CT will not know from which direction the zombies will attack.

Can we make the Zombie shuffle ? As of now they approach CT in a predefined manner which makes it easy to predict their movement path and kill them easily

I was not able to increase the number of zombies to say 12/14 (set my server slot to 16 at the moment); I did change it in zmd.cfg file but it is always loading with 10 player (1CT+9T).
Camping is definitely something we want to discourage. I'm aware of some anti-camping plugins that exist which might help, but if my memory serves correctly, they tend to be pretty intrusive, e.g. slapping a player if they're not moving for an extended period of time. Still, perhaps that's better than nothing. Another option would be to force players to use their pistol if they're crouching for too long, but that wouldn't necessarily resolve the issue you brought up as the player could just stand instead. Yet another option would be to prevent heavy machine guns from being used by Survivors at all given their high-capacity magazines; forcing a player to reload often forces them to move if they don't want to get eaten by a Zombie. I'd personally prefer this latter option as I think it's the least intrusive. Thoughts?

I'm not sure what we can do about bot movement behavior as I believe that's hardcoded into CS:GO, but perhaps someone on these forums knows more about this? I've seen some plugins around suggesting bot behavior can be changed, but the question is whether bot movement can be changed as well, and if so, how.

As for the number of bots allowed on the server at any given time, you mentioned you tried editing the zdm.cfg file. Specifically, did you try adding `bot_quota 12` to the end of that file? That should result in 12 bots being added to the server for every 1 human player. You could also try adding `bot_quota_mode fill` to the end of that same configuration file to see if that makes any difference. More details here regarding that latter config option: https://totalcsgo.com/command/botquotamode

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