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unstable var spikes

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Old 01-15-2022 , 13:42   Re: unstable var spikes
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Originally Posted by asdfxD View Post
You need a vServer with dedicated cores and a good single thread performance, no shared cores. Than you reach 0.00X. constantly with own made kernel. Most hosts sells shared cores and this is not a good idea.

Don't understand why everyone wants 0.00X or 0.000. i host windows and linux servers and i don't feel any difference between 0.300 var (Windows) and 0.000 in linux... just one thing is better, the hitreg on windows.
I see,

I'll keep that in mind, I'm not sure if my current provider gives me dedicated cores, but I did have a provider that gives dedicated cores. The issue with that provider was that they had a really old CPU (X5670) which didn't give the best results.

I guess if var doesn't really matter then I should be fine. Other than that I'll keep my OS on Linux because I am unable to change it to Windows.

Thanks for the help
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Old 01-16-2022 , 01:53   Re: unstable var spikes
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@blekekok What is your region?
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Old 01-16-2022 , 08:41   Re: unstable var spikes
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Originally Posted by asdfxD View Post
@blekekok What is your region?
I'm in SEA, more specifically in Indonesia. Getting a server outside of Indonesia is not a good idea because many players here encounter a lot of connection issues with non-Indonesian servers especially Singapore servers.
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Old 01-19-2022 , 01:17   Re: unstable var spikes
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Originally Posted by blekekok View Post
I don't really have a big budget. Just around 20 - 30USD. I live in Indonesia and that wouldn't be enough for a dedicated server (obviously). I am just wondering if there is a way to improve a KVM VPS server to achieve 0.00x.

I've seen someone else using the same provider with the same server type (KVM 3.9GHz Server). He was able to achieve 0.00x var with the same server type. The only issue is that he is unable to provide information for how he did it as it is private and personal which is totally understandable.

I am wondering if there are any configurations or tools I could use to improve my server performance & stabilize the server's var. Do I need to make my own custom kernel or using liquorix should be enough?

Because I've seen a server achieving 0.00x var on the same machine type as mines, I now know that it is possible for my server to achieve 0.00x var as well. I'm just not sure how to do it.
I can provide you a Singapore Server with $20 per month
Your server will run on i9-10900K @ 5.0Ghz All Core


If you interesting
Feel free to add me on Discord: Frenzi3d#9999
I can give you a test server for test ping and test practice for 2 days, if OK we can continue.

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