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[L4D2] Server crash help

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Old 01-10-2021 , 10:05   [L4D2] Server crash help
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Always happens on the C6M1 map. If anyone can provide some help, I would be grateful.
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Old 01-14-2021 , 23:01   Re: [L4D2] Server crash help
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Supplement: On the C6M1 map, the crash does not happen every time, and the probability of crash is relatively low, Probably happens when enter the game for a while.

sm plugins list
PHP Code:
[SMListing 47 plugins:
01 "Basic Commands" ( AlliedModders LLC
"Anti-Flood" ( AlliedModders LLC
"Basic Ban Commands" ( AlliedModders LLC
"Sound Commands" ( AlliedModders LLC
"Admin Menu" ( AlliedModders LLC
"Basic Chat" ( AlliedModders LLC
"[L4D2] Custom admin commands" (1.3.7by honorcode23Shadowysn (improvements)
08 "[L4D2] Weapon Drop" (1.6by Machinedcx2Electr000999 /zSenipShao
"[L4D2][NIX] FollowTarget_Detour" (1.1by Dragokas TheTrick
"Simble Player Joined/Left Notifier" (1.1by def (user00111)
11 "new/server_namer.smx"
12 "LMC_Black_and_White_Notifier" (2.0.2by Lux
"SM Client Command Logging" (2.0.1by Franc1sco franug
"Skill Detection (skeets, crowns, levels)" (0.9.19by Tabun
"[L4D & L4D2] God Frames Patch" (1.5by SilverShot
"[L4D & L4D2] Mission and Weapons - Info Editor" (1.12by SilverShot
"Hide cvar change messages" (1.0by linux_loverfdxx
"[L4D & L4D2] Gear Transfer" (2.12by SilverShot
"Remove Lobby Reservation" (1.0by Deximy, 闲月疏云
20 "Melee In The Saferoom" (3.1.0by $atanic $piritN3wton
"Restart Empty" (1.9by Alex Dragokas
"L4D2 Random starting map" (1.0by fdxx
"l4d2_changelevel" (1.2.1by Lux
"[L4D & L4D2] Vote Poll Fix" (1.3by raziEiL [disawar1]
25 "LerpMonitor++" (1.0by ProdigySim, Die Teetassevintik
"All4Dead" (3.3by James Richardson (grandwazir) & HarryPotter
"L4D2 Vote Menu" (5.5by fenghfHarry Potter
"[ANY] Command and ConVar - Buffer Overflow Fixer" (2.4by SilverShot and Peace-Maker
"L4D2 Jockey Skeet" (1.3by Visor
"[L4D & L4D2] First Map - Skip Intro Cutscenes" (1.7by SilverShot
"[L4D & L4D2] Left 4 DHooks Direct" (1.29by SilverShot
"Fast melee fix" (2.1by sheo
"[L4D/L4D2] Infected Bots (Coop/Versus/Realism/Scavenge/Survival)" (2.5.0by djromero (SkyDavid), MI 5Harry Potter
"Give Item Menu" (1.0.0by Ryanxsorallll
"L4D2 Force Mission Changer" (2.0by DionysHarry
"L4D2 Realtime Stats" (1.0by GriffinPhiloglSir
"L4D2 AFK Commands" (2.0by MasterMefdxx
"Advertisements" (2.1.0by Tsunami
"Special kill ranking" (1.1by fenghf (rebuild by Dragokas)
40 "Saferoom HP Restore" (1.0.1by ConnerRiaDragokasKoMiKoZa
"Bullet position fix" (1.1by xutaxkamay,LuckyServ
"Tickrate Fixes" (1.1by SirGriffinHarry Potter
"[L4D & L4D2] Simple AFK Manager VS" (1.2by raziEiL [disawar1]
44 "Player Commands" ( AlliedModders LLC
"Fun Commands" ( AlliedModders LLC
"Basic Comm Control" ( AlliedModders LLC
"Admin File Reader" ( AlliedModders 
meta list
PHP Code:
Listing 6 plugins:
01SourceMod ( AlliedModders LLC
[02Stripper (1.2.2by BAILOPAN
[03L4DToolZ ( Ivailosp
[04SDK Tools ( AlliedModders LLC
[05SDK Hooks ( AlliedModders LLC
[06DHooks (2.2.0-detours15by Dr!fter 
sm exts list
PHP Code:
[SMDisplaying 9 extensions:
01Automatic Updater ( Updates SourceMod gamedata files
[02Webternet ( Extension for interacting with URLs
[03Accelerator (2.5.0): SRCDS Crash Handler
[04Top Menus ( Creates sorted nested menus
[05SDK Tools ( Source SDK Tools
[06BinTools ( Low-level C/C++ Calling API
[07SDK Hooks ( Source SDK Hooks
[08DHooks (2.2.0-detours15): Dynamic Hooks
[09Regex ( Provides regex natives for plugins 
PHP Code:
sm_cvar mp_gamemode realism
sm_cvar sv_gametypes realism
sm_cvar z_difficulty Impossible

//sv_tags hidden      

sv_region 4

rcon_password "xx"
sv_rcon_banpenalty 1440
sv_rcon_maxfailures 3
sv_rcon_minfailures 3
sv_rcon_minfailuretime 30

hostfile "myhost.txt"

sm_cvar director_afk_timeout 120
sm_cvar sv_vote_issue_change_difficulty_allowed 0
sm_cvar sv_allow_wait_command 0
sm_cvar sb_escort 1
sm_cvar sb_all_bot_game 1
sm_cvar sv_clockcorrection_msecs 30
sm_cvar sv_forcepreload 1
sm_cvar sv_client_predict 1
sm_cvar sv_client_cmdrate_difference 0
sm_cvar sv_max_queries_sec_global 10
sm_cvar sv_max_queries_window 10
sm_cvar sv_player_stuck_tolerance 5
sm_cvar sv_unlag_fixstuck 1
sm_cvar sv_stats 0

sm_cvar sv_maxplayers 5

sm_cvar fps_max 300
sm_cvar sv_minrate 30000
sm_cvar sv_maxrate 100000
sm_cvar sv_minupdaterate 30
sm_cvar sv_maxupdaterate 100
sm_cvar sv_mincmdrate 30
sm_cvar sv_maxcmdrate 100
sm_cvar net_splitpacket_maxrate 50000
sm_cvar nb_update_frequency 0.024
sm_cvar sv_client_min_interp_ratio 
sm_cvar sv_client_max_interp_ratio 2

sm_cvar ammo_smg_max 999
sm_cvar ammo_assaultrifle_max 750
sm_cvar ammo_huntingrifle_max 300
sm_cvar ammo_sniperrifle_max 300
sm_cvar ammo_shotgun_max 200
sm_cvar ammo_autoshotgun_max 200
sm_cvar ammo_chainsaw_max 60

sm_cvar tank_burn_duration_expert 100
sm_cvar z_tank_health 6000

sm_cvar z_survivor_respawn_health 100

sm_cvar sv_consistency 0 
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Old 01-25-2021 , 02:31   Re: [L4D2] Server crash help
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I saw this post:

After testing, after removing some car glass with stripper, there is no crash.

It seems the problem has been solved, maybe.
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