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WebLync 0.0.13 - A MOTD redirection service

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Neuro Toxin
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    Web based MOTD commands
    Old 06-13-2017 , 04:27   WebLync 0.0.13 - A MOTD redirection service
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    WebLync v0.0.13
    Web based MOTD commands

    Recent CS:GO updates have played havoc on plugins that distribute web based commands via the games built in MOTD window such as Web Shortcuts. WebLync works around this issue restoring full functionality allowing server operators to have working web MOTD windows again.

    - Completely web based configuration
    - Server / Global link configurations
    - New links download on map change
    - Admins can send links to players
    - Link Google AdSense to your redirection page

    1. Install the latest version of Dynamic
    2. Install the latest SteamWorks (waterfall)
    3. Copy the contents of the attached zip to your servers /csgo/ folder
    4. Restart your game server
    5. Connect to your game server
    6. Type !weblync into the chat of your game server
    7. Wait for the WebLync configuration website to load
    8. Sign into the WebLync website via Steam
    9. Follow the site instructions `Register New Server`
    10. Click Links to configure your server links
    11. type !weblyncsyncserver into chat to refresh the servers configured links.

    Once you have installed WebLync and ran it for the first time you can configure it's generic settings found in `cfg/sourcemod/weblync.cfg`
    • ServerKey - The ServerKey used to obtain and process client link handling. You should not change this value.
    • ShowMessages - Controls if clients will see generic WebLync messages
    • ForceEnableMotd - Forces the server to set `sv_disable_motd` to 0
    • QueryClientMotdStatus - Forces server to check if clients have `cl_disablehtmlmotd` set to 0

    - sm_weblync (WebLync administration menu)
    - sm_weblyncregserver (Register server with WebLync API)
    - sm_weblyncsyncserver (Syncs new commands to server)
    - sm_sendlink <target> <linkname> <args> (Sends a link to a specified client/target group)

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    File Type: zip WebLync-004.zip (39.0 KB, 67 views)
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    File Type: zip WebLync-009.zip (42.7 KB, 270 views)
    File Type: zip WebLync-010.zip (47.1 KB, 85 views)

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