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Dynamic Objects and Properties - v.0.0.32 - [2018.05.08]

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Old 08-22-2015 , 21:34   Dynamic Objects and Properties - v.0.0.32 - [2018.05.08]
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Dynamic Wiki | Download | Examples

Dynamic allows developers to use truly dynamic data structures in SourcePawn.
This means you can define a Methodmap and use Dynamic to back it's member data at run-time.
All dynamic members are typed which allows automatic type conversion between base types.

You can then extend and inherit Dynamic Methodmaps to build complex namespaces.
Namespaces simplify the sharing of complex structures which third party plugins can easily access with a minimal amount of code.

- Fully methodmap based to try and give an Object Orientated feel
- Inherit Dynamic to make your own simple methodmaps
- Easily name and retrieve dynamic objects between multiple plugins (no natives required)!!!!
- Supports String, int, float, bool, Handle, Vector and Dynamic types
- Automatic type conversion!!
- Static objects for Server and Player Settings
- Hook member changes
- Member iteration / looping
- Member sorting
- Load and Save flat configs
- Load and Save KeyValue configs

Dynamic Methodmaps
- Extend Dynamic to create your own Dynamic methodmaps
- A Class Builder to quickly generate basic Dynamic methodmaps
- You dont have to muck around with Dynamic Member Offsets to improve performance
- All of the same features that come with Dynamic Objects

Planned Changes
- Add serialisation support using mysql

Download (v0.0.32)
Example Use + Features
Example Class Use Example
Class Example
Class Builder
Include File

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