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[L4D1 Request] Simple glow effect colour change

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Old 04-08-2021 , 06:16   [L4D1 Request] Simple glow effect colour change
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Hello all,

Can anyone help make a plugin to change the L4D1 glow effects colour for picking up items - changing them from their default colour to another colour effect? The plugin needs to work client-side so that all players share the same colour effects from the remote Windows server. I'm looking to change the game's default values as shown in the spoiler here:

I want to CHANGE the highlighted items-at-a-distance to RED, and the pick-up items to GREEN, as shown here:
I did find a L4D1 glow effects plugin at this forum link here. but I couldn't get it to work on my remote server, the plugin is faulty for some unknown reason. I kept getting an error from my server in the client remote console as - "FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command."

But that broken plugin is quite complex for my needs, I only need something simple, just to swap 6 CVAR settings with 2 new colours. My reasoning for the colour change is that RED would be "item CAN'T be picked-up by a player, and GREEN would be 'item CAN be picked-up by player.

Would anyone be able to make a simple plugin for this request?


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Old 04-08-2021 , 17:34   Re: [L4D1 Request] Simple glow effect colour change
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I think you are unable to do these changes nowadays.

I don't remember the exact date, around may/2018, but Valve blocked some client cvars being changed through the server. (maybe on a listen server will work but on a dedicated one won't)
This was big noticed on L4D2 when people used to force the instructor being enabled to clients.

Example of server output:
FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: gameinstructor_enable.
Since the plugin is from 2009, at that time it used to work.

I already have seen some servers that bypasses it, but usually they replace the server.dll/.so file or rollbacks the game version in a .txt/.ini file that can be found in the game folder.
So your client must match your "server version" (most likely none, or few players will join)

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Old 04-09-2021 , 03:32   Re: [L4D1 Request] Simple glow effect colour change
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Wow. That's a shame.

I guess Valve has their reason for blocking this. At present, I have the above CVARS written client-side to my 'Autoexec.cfg' file, but using my client method can be troublesome for non-technical-minded players.

Thanks for informing me about this.

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