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Solved sentry turn to target using pev_controller

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Old 05-07-2020 , 05:52   sentry turn to target using pev_controller
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hello allieds

As the titile says i am trying to turn sentry gun towards target by PEV_CONTROLLER

here is the picture


the sentry gun model has two pev_controller
one is for tilt (aiming sentry gun up and down if player is above ground)
one is for rotating on his axis ( see in this video https://i.imgur.com/Zllr7Gp.mp4)

the code use for turning towards target is below , which rotate the sentry gun on his axis and aim towars its target (taken from JGHG's sentry gun)

PHP Code:
sentry_turntotarget(entFloat:sentryOrigin[3], targetFloat:closestOrigin[3]) {
    if (
target) {
new Float:newAngle[3]
Float:closestOrigin[0] - sentryOrigin[0]
Float:closestOrigin[1] - sentryOrigin[1]

Float:radians floatatan(z/xradian)
newAngle[1] = radians g_ONEEIGHTYTHROUGHPI
if (closestOrigin[0] < sentryOrigin[0])
newAngle[1] -= 180.0



new Float:closestOrigin[2] - sentryOrigin[2]
radians floatatan(h/bradian)
Float:degs radians g_ONEEIGHTYTHROUGHPI;
// Now adjust EV_BYTE_controller1
        // Each degree corresponds to about 100/256 "bytes", = ~0,39 byte / degree (ok this is not entirely true, just tweaked for now with SENTRYTILTRADIUS)
new Float:RADIUS SENTRYTILTRADIUS // get_cvar_float("sentry_tiltradius");
new Float:degreeByte RADIUS/256.0// tweak radius later
new Float:tilt 127.0 degreeByte degs// 127 is center of 256... well, almost
    else {
//entity_set_int(ent, SENTRY_INT_FIRE, 0)
        //entity_set_edict(ent, SENTRY_ENT_TARGET, 0)
        //client_print(0, print_chat, "%d: I don't see anyone.", ent)

so can anybody help me to use the pev_controller instead of
PHP Code:
for turning the sentry gun and aim it to target

i am weak in maths so can anybody help me ?

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