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[TF2] UberSteal

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Team Fortress 2
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    When a Medic kills or helps killing another Medic, he steals his uber.
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    [TF2] UberSteal

    A fairly simple plugin.
    If a Medic kills or assists in killing another Medic, he will steal that Medic's Uber.


    sm_ubersteal def. "1.0"
    Amount of Uber you steal. This is a percent. 2.0 for double, 0.5 for half, etc...

    sm_uberoverload def. "0"
    Allow Uberstealing past 100% Ubercharge.
    ubersteal_version def. "1.2"
    Current version running. Do not try to alter this. It's merely used for tracking.


    -Initial Release
    -Changed sm_ubersteal to a Float multiplier
    Added sm_uberoverload to allow stealing Uber past 100%
    : (by Thraka)
    -Accounted for Valve removing charge data in player_death by caching it in player_hurt.
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    Get a lid on that zombie,
    he's never gonna be alri-i-ight.
    Oooh get a lid on that zombie,
    or he's gonna feed all night.

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