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New to the modding scene, what tools and knowledge do I need?

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Old 01-03-2022 , 20:54   New to the modding scene, what tools and knowledge do I need?
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Apologies if this is not the correct subforum to create this thread, I didn't know where to post, so I thought this might be the right place.

Anyway, what I'm looking for is to get into modding scene, and would first like to be able to mod Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory to include subtitles when the "Use Native Language" option is turned on. In brief, in that game exists an option for the enemy soldiers to use their native languages (Peruvian, Korean, Japanese, etc.) instead of English with an accent, which makes it much more immersive and realistic. The problem, however, is when you enable that option, you don't get any subtitles or translations for what they're saying, and seeing how the game is based around stealth, interrogation and eavesdropping are essential to getting useful information out of your enemies which can help you progress through the mission easier. This is unfortunately hard to accomplish when a player is not a polyglot.

This is just a primary reason why I'm looking to go into the modding scene, of course, there are plenty of other games I would like to mod, as modding games was always something that I wanted to do, I just lacked any motivation/goals to do that. I always liked the community and creativity around it, so I'm looking for someplace to start.

So far from what I've seen, the modding scene for the Chaos Theory is either dead or simply hard to find with common search engines.

As I mentioned before, I have no prior modding experience, neither for this series nor any other, so I have no idea where to start from, but I figured an old Ubisoft title which I liked to play during my childhood might be a good idea.

I do have programming experience, but mostly with high-level programming languages. I work in an IT company as a Junior Software Developer and do have some experience, but low-level programming like Assembly, OllyDbg, WinDbg, IDA, etc. is something that I have no experience or idea how to work with.

Any suggestions from where I can start, and what tools would I need?

Happy New Year, and apologies for the long post!

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