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Solved [CS:GO]Plugin Request

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Old 04-06-2021 , 06:05   [CS:GO]Plugin Request
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Hey, I'm currently searching for a Plugin that once a community called PNKS! (PUNKS!) was using.

After searching, i sadly couldn't find one so i'm willing to pay for one.

The Plugin should be constructed like this

- WS/Knife/Gloves Feature
- Knifes & Gloves itself are unlocked for everyone
- Skins for the Weapons & Knifes are locked for everyone at the start.
- When you are playing on the server, you are receiving "keys" which then can be redeemed with !keys to unlock ingame via the hint message.
- You can select to redeem from 1-6 keys where the odds of getting red/knife skins are getting higher and higher and around 4 keys, you should DEFINETLY get a red/knife skin. Mostly low tier Red skins though
- VIP Players "flag should be changeable" are getting every skin unlocked as long there are VIP. After there VIP. The Database should remove the skins from there saved selection that have not been unlocked and lock them in the skin selection
- A proper Unboxing animation in the Hint Message Box by going up and down the skin names (hopefully, i properly explained that one)
- Chat announce what has been unboxed by the player to all
- Using the unboxing sounds from the original CS:GO Case unboxing that are also used for the rarity. Sound for that should only play for the guy unboxing it.
- StatTrak Wear, Pattern should be anytime available for all skins by default
- A XP Feature by doing ingame Actions should also be implemented which should be displayed with HUD Text on the left side of the screen, XP rates and text for the action should be changeable
- The XP feature should be like a ranking system where players get for every ingame action (how much kills they got that round, ace, bomb plant etc) they get XP.
- A Ranking system where the more players are in the leaderboards. The ranks are higher to climb up instead of a XP = 1000 = Silver 2 system.
- Matchmaking ranks where the every rank should be presenting the leaderboard. For example. 1000 players in the leaderboard / 18 ranks = You need for Silver II to climb 56 ranks on the leaderboards to get it
- Matchmaking ranks should be shown on the scoreboard when pressing tab
- Database should be looking like this: 1. keys, 2. exp, 3. skins
- Should be using colored chat feature

This is how the system for the Keys should work.

- Every 10 minutes, a random player on the server gets 1 Key unless he is in a specified steam group. Then he gets 2 keys
- Every 6 kills, a player gets a key
- The team who won the match are getting 6 keys for every player
- Player getting a ACE should play the confetti effect on the player who did the ace & the confetti sound should played from his position to the other players, shows in chat that this player has done a ace and player gets a high tier Red skin/Knife Skin which should be announced also in the chat with the unboxing sound to the whole server

This request is REALLY big, i know but i'm willing to pay for it really much money if needed.

Anyone who is willing to code me such a big money should contact me

EDIT: Keys should be something like a currency. Like a coin you can think. Just wanted to make that clear so people don't get confused

Discord: NeXi2k#6587

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