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[CS:GO] SteamID Only

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Old 04-07-2021 , 17:44   [CS:GO] SteamID Only
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Is there a way to make so that this plugins works for only a steamid set in the code and not for the admin flag?

new Handle:cvar_sv_cheats;
new bool:bool_sv_cheats;

public OnPluginStart()
    cvar_sv_cheats = FindConVar("sv_cheats");
    if(cvar_sv_cheats == INVALID_HANDLE)
        SetFailState("Cvar sv_cheats not exist!");
    HookConVarChange(cvar_sv_cheats, convarchanged);

public convarchanged(Handle:cvar, const String:oldValue[], const String:newValue[])
    bool_sv_cheats = GetConVarBool(cvar_sv_cheats);
    CreateTimer(0.1, delayed, _, TIMER_FLAG_NO_MAPCHANGE);

public Action:delayed(Handle:timer)
    for(new i = 1; i <= MaxClients; i++)

public OnClientPostAdminCheck(client)
    if(bool_sv_cheats || IsFakeClient(client))

    if(CheckCommandAccess(client, "sm_sv_cheats_enable", ADMFLAG_ROOT) && SendConVarValue(client, cvar_sv_cheats, "1"))
        PrintToConsole(client, "\n\n\n      sm_sv_cheats_enable = ACCESS GRANTED!\n     sv_cheats enabled!!\n\n\n");

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Old 04-08-2021 , 02:20   Re: [CS:GO] SteamID Only
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But it's not hard to set work only for one person from admin configuration.

Unless you have evil plans to spread your plugins to others.
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