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hlstatsx-csgo.smx will not load on Debian 10

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Old 12-28-2020 , 05:52   hlstatsx-csgo.smx will not load on Debian 10
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I've encountered a problem when i installed a new server. On my test server process, i've mirrored the install from a functioning server and edited the map and game mode. However, sm plugins list only returns the default addons from the sourcemod install - even when hlstatsx-csgo.smx is in the /plugins folder. I've also tried to redownload it and recompile it. No work.

OS: Debian 10 with working DNS. Behind a firewall with ports 27015, 27005 and 27500 forwarded to local IP. Using LGSM (https://linuxgsm.com/) for server control - have tried both running the server through that, and standalone command line without a server manager.

The funny part: Sourcemod logs return nothing. They don't report the addon to be failing at loading, yet it still is the /plugins folder with the same permissions as the other addons.

The server i have mirrored it from is from a professional server hoster (Dathost), which also runs linux, but i've so far been unable to find out what flavor so i can problemshoot deeper. On that host, hlstatsx works perfectly, and my webserver can both send rcon and receive data; thus i've come to the conclusion that it can't be the webserver (self-hosted VPS in order to have full control over firewall and processes running).

I really cross my fingers that someone has had a similar problem and it can be solved with e.g. installing a dependency on my server that hlstatsx-csgo plugin requires, however i can't seem to find any info on requirements anywhere.

Thanks in advance!
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