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Old 02-07-2021 , 05:35   [EXTENSION] SM-Sets
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So you know how everyone abuses StringMap for O(1) lookup? Well I thought that was silly, so I did something about that by exposing std::unordered_set for plugins to use.

There is CellSet for basic cell types and StringSet for strings.

Very strange caveat, but with CellSets there is a very rare chance for a float, handle, or integer value to be hashed identically to a different value of another type since they could possibly have the same binary value. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter this, then you should go out and purchase a lottery ticket.

Lastly, insertion into sets is based on var-args and you can accidentally send a cell value to a StringSet and vice-versa. Don't do that. That is bad.

Over-engineering is underrated.


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