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[HowTo] Alternative method for game_start/game_end for CS:S

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Old 05-13-2007 , 20:19   [HowTo] Alternative method for game_start/game_end for CS:S
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Since game_start and game_end doesn't fire off in CS:S. I had to make alternative method to catch when game start and game_ended. So if wanted to know if there was a player on each team. To give bonuses only when for objectives only when there are players on each team.

#include <sourcemod> #define TEAM_T               2 #define TEAM_CT              3 new CTcount; new Tcount; new bool:GameCommenced; public OnPluginStart() {     HookEvent("round_end", _RoundEnd);     HookEvent("player_team", _PlayerTeam); } public _RoundEnd(Handle:event, const String:name[], bool:dontBroadcast) {     /* Game Commenced reason */     if(GetEventInt(event, "reason") == 16)     {         GameCommenced = true;     } } public _PlayerTeam(Handle:event, const String:name[], bool:dontBroadcast) {     switch(GetEventInt(event, "oldteam"))     {         case TEAM_T:         {             Tcount--;         }         case TEAM_CT:         {             CTcount--;         }     }     /* Player disconnected and didn't join a new team */     if(!GetEventBool(event, "disconnect"))     {         switch(GetEventInt(event, "team"))         {             case TEAM_T:             {                 Tcount++;             }             case TEAM_CT:             {                 CTcount++;             }         }     }     /* If one of the counts goes to 0 that means game is not commenced any more */     if(!CTcount || !Tcount)     {         GameCommenced = false;     } }

Now with this all you can use bool:GameCommenced.
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