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Ingame commands not working

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Old 03-15-2020 , 18:25   Ingame commands not working
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Hello, i've did a fresh install of Hlstatsx on a Apache2.4.29 server on Ubuntu 18.04 with
PHP 7.4.3 for a CS:S server following these tutorials https://github.com/NomisCZ/hlstatsx-...-prerequisites and https://bitbucket.org/Maverick_of_UC...n/wiki/Install , and i've installed the sourcemod plugins needed from those tutorials but if i type rank or top10 in game no menu appears.
I have also noticed that in my hlstatsx page, only the source tv is showing up as the only player on the server even when I am also connected to the server.
Am I possibly missing some configuration that causes this? My server.cfg already has
log on
logaddress_add ip:27500 being ip my server ip and I had done ./run_hlstats start before starting srcds.

Don't know if it matters but I have configured a key for https://www.maxmind.com/en/geolite2 , for configuring the install_binary.sh script.

My sourcemod informations:

SourceMod Version Information:
SourceMod Version:
SourcePawn Engine:, jit-x86 (build
SourcePawn API: v1 = 5, v2 = 12
Compiled on: Mar 5 2020 109:04
Built from: https://github.com/alliedmodders/sou...commit/a8b9da9
Build ID: 6478:a8b9da9

My metamod informations:

Metamod:Source version 1.10.7-dev
Built from: https://github.com/alliedmodders/met...commit/6c8495f
Build ID: 971:6c8495f
Loaded As: Valve Server Plugin
Compiled on: Mar 28 2019
Plugin interface version: 15:14
SourceHook version: 5:5

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Old 03-15-2020 , 19:15   Re: Ingame commands not working
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please check HLstatsX daemon logs - <your_daemon_folder>/logs, also check your firewall - allow 27500 (UDP). Add CS:S plugins to your server - hlstatsx.smx and superlogs-css.smx - https://github.com/NomisCZ/hlstatsx-...cemod/compiled.

GeoIP is not required (only if you want ...).
The commands will only work if the server and daemon are properly connected.

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Old 03-15-2020 , 20:49   Re: Ingame commands not working
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Hi, I've tested using the already compiled plugins hlstatsx.smx and superlogs-css.smx.
As that didn't work I've compiled the sp files to obtain the smx files again but using those also did not work.
The logs were showing sometimes RCON refused but they also showed RCON accepted, so i double checked if the rcon i was using was ok through the hlstatsx edit server page and set the correct rcon.
I did notice that in my server.cfg I had log "0" and I switched that to log "1"
Something also strange is that if i change the port for the daemon at hlstats.conf to 27501, it still will use port 27500.
I also noticed that I had the hlstats.pl process running and had to manually kill it. Then after stopping the run_hlstats and also restarting the server it started working. I can't say for sure what was the fix, and also I was already allowing the connection for port 27500.

Thanks for your help.

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