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[CSS] ReserveAmmoSetter

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    make you able to have separated reserved ammo for guns that sharing ammo type. make you able to config amount of reserved ammo for each guns.
    Old 12-16-2012 , 16:55   [CSS] ReserveAmmoSetter
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    did you wanted to have separated reserved ammos for mp5 and glock?
    did you wanted to have separated reserved ammos for fiveseven and p90?
    did you wanted to have 400 ammos for p90 and 120 ammos for fiveseven?
    this plugin is for that!
    even through this plugin is small, i had hard time to fix all the bugs while making this plugin...


    this plugin needs the things listed below to work:
    • SDKHooks


    to install this plugin
    • put the smx file in the sourcemod/plugins folder
    • put these configs in server.cfg and besure those are not overrided by any other config file or plugins.
      ammo_338mag_max 0;
      ammo_357sig_max 0;
      ammo_45acp_max 0;
      ammo_50AE_max 0;
      ammo_556mm_box_max 0;
      ammo_556mm_max 0;
      ammo_57mm_max 0;
      ammo_762mm_max 0;
      ammo_9mm_max 0;
      ammo_buckshot_max 0;
    • put reserveammosetter.txt in your sourcemod/configs/reserveammosetter/ folder
    to compile this plugin manually
    • put sp file in the sourcemod/scripting folder
    • put every include files needed for this plugin into the sourcemod/scripting/include folder
    • compile.


    to config this plugin, you need to open the reserveammosetter.txt that you placed in
    sourcemod/configs/reserveammosetter/ folder.
    be careful when you edit this file, because i didnt made a good paser code, putting any whitespace character
    can cause problems while parsing. default values of config file is intended to work in classic server with RealisticReload plugin on here https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1424074

    Known Bugs & Limits Of the Mod

    because of the way how this plugin work, this plugin will override reserved ammo`s amount that is placed on map.
    this includes guns that is spawned by other plugin.
    while using this plugin, you cannot buy ammos with buyammo commands in css.(i am thinking to add command support.)
    this plugin will make a little predict error to reserved ammos but its not a big problem.

    Special Thanks To

    i want to say thanks to these guys
    • someone whom will get interested on my plugin and use this.

    Change Log

    all the date`s format is y/m/d
    update at 2012 12 22(ver
    • changed code to have better look. it needs latest sm snapshot to work without bug.
    • changed default config of reserved ammos for guns a bit.
    update at 2012 12 17(ver
    • released
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    Old 01-07-2014 , 16:06   Re: [CSS] ReserveAmmoSetter
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    Good work! I just wanted to create something similar, good that I found this plugin just now
    BTW I think it will work for any game.

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